Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mosquito Nets

One of the down sides of living on a tropical island is the mosquitos. We have to take a lot of precautions so we and the cuties don't contract any of the lovely disease these nasty bugs tote around. One of these precautions is having bed nets. I always thought these were rather romantic and had one up for a while in DC. The fun and romance is kinda negated though when you are constantly scanning them for little blood suckers. The up side is that they make the light gorgeous in the afternoon. Abby was chillin on the bed while I was putting laundry away (I am still having a hard time getting used to full time help.. I have a whole other post on this) and I had to snap a few shots of her. (How cute are Gwyn's little shorts and shirt on her Elizabeth! I am getting a kick out of seeing Atticus in Sammy's clothes and Abby is always wearing Gwyn's so I had to show you!)
It is hard to get clear pictures of a cutie who is just learning to sit up. She is pretty wobbly and really likes the lean over and smack the bed, feeling its texture and making fun noise. The boys heard me prompting her to smile etc. and had to jump on the bed to see what was going on. She was pretty shocked that they crashed her photo shoot
I thought it was hard to get a clear shot of one wiggly person-- three is nearly impossible! And getting all of them to look at the camera- forget about it. But they still look pretty cute!
Sam requested that I take a picture of the train that was in his pocket when we left a valentines party last night. It will be returned tomorrow morning so at least we will have this picture to remember it always
He naturally sits like this when watching movies or entertaining Abby. So cute! When I asked Liam to let me take a picture he said "Nope, I jumpin". Chris is all about showing the boys his favorite shows from when he was little. They love Duck Tales and all the old Disney cartoons and have started saying the catch phrases. When Chris came in to help put the kids down for their nap Sam said "Thats all for Sam and Liam, train and rocket". Chris and I just about died.


Elizabeth Moon said...

We miss you guys!

and we LOVE having all those awesome sweaters for Atticus! Thanks so much!

The Grady's said...

Abby is so adorable! Her brothers are lucky to have such a cute little sister!

Kerstin said...

Wow....could she be any cuter??

Patty Girl said...

How big are those blue eyes? What a stunner. She is going to be such a beauty, and for now she couldn't be any cuter!