Saturday, May 8, 2010


This last weekend we headed to another one of Timors fabulous beach's K41. It is known for it's snorkeling and not so much it's very rocky shore. It was a crazy bumpy road heading out there and I thought for sure that we were going to get a flat tire but luckily that crisis was averted. When we got unloaded and set up we were greeted by several pigs and piglets. They were rooting around our stuff and we had to keep shooing them away. Meredith and I joked about the fact that our kids are going to think it is normal for pigs to be at beach's with them. Chris and I got our snorkel gear (Thank you Jene! Hope all is well in Nepal!) Chris got all suited up and headed in (the water is warm enough that you don't need a wet suit for shorter excursions)
While he did that and the boys chased pigs, I made Abby pose for some pictures. She was not so sure at first.
Then she got really upset and I was worried she would throw a rock at the camera. Then I figured out that the rock was super hot.
Poor Abbers! I was also teased about her bathing suit looking like a tuxedo, but I think it is cute....
okay so maybe it does look a little like a tux, but who says you can't get all gussied up to go to the beach? When Chris came back in from snorkeling he was bleeding, never a good sign.
Apparently a big wave had smashed him into a reef. He took a breather and watched Abby and Liam so I could got out with Sam for a little bit.
But I swore I saw a crocodile (Jan backed me up on this one) so I came in and took a break. There were a few locals there fishing
and I was hoping they would catch it in their net but no such luck. I think they were just as afraid as me because they came paddling into shore and then were pointing out in the same area for a while. Once they headed back out we figured it was safe and Chris took Sammy out again. Now that he has figured out how to swim he can't get enough.
Liam really wanted to go but early when Chris took him out he kept holding Chris's snorkel under water practically drowning Chris so he got to stay on the shore with me, he was bummed
We had fun watching them swim and be on the look out for the crocodile :) It started getting pretty windy and choppy so we packed up and headed home. While the snorkeling was great I think with the kids we will be sticking to dollar beach in the future, sand is a lot more fun to play in, and there are no piggys to steal out snacks!


The Gardener said...

I LOVE her suit! You all are brave. I would have left the country if I saw a croc in the same water as me.
BTW my word verification is monst. Meaning monster in the water! Ha!!

Jan said...

Great fun ss usual! Love the beach and shade trees. Not so sure about the crocodile and piggys. Poor Abby Q- Owweey. I'm glad you got to snorkel Chris. What did you see? Love seeing all of you every week!!