Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Festival

Last week Sammy's school had their fall festival to raise money for one of the many orphanges here in Timor. Since they do not celebrate Halloween at school they said the kids could wear their costumes if they wanted. Well of course the boys were all over that!

Sam was excited to see his partner if crime fighting Bumblebee
Since Liam REALLY wants a bumblebee costume he was pretty excited to get his face painted to look like him.
Even though he changed out of his costume Sammy was still Optimus Prime.
What can I say these boys LOVE robots. I am researching retro ones for Christmas but I am pretty sure they will be bummed if they aren't Transformers.
Over the weekend we made some crafts aka Wall-E
And found Abby's favorite new thing, getting dragged around in the laundry basket
Also my prophecy of Abby being a Tom Boy is already coming true:
The guard got to watch us use sidewalk chalk to create all sorts of under sea animals.
He was also pretty nervous about Abby standing on the gate. Even here in Timor I get the "should you be letting your child do that looks" ha!
We are gearing up for our Thanksgiving Trip to Bali. We will be meeting our friends Tanner and Cherylyn and their cuties and am I sooooooooo excited. It has only been 2 months since Italy but it feels like we haven't been off the Island in years ha!