Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Making Christmas Happen

We have been having a very busy and very fun December. It started out with the school Christmas performance. Sammy's class and the morning class sang their song "Making Christmas happen".

They used their recycled "creation" hammers as props.
Sammy's was made out of a water bottle and empty yogurt tubs.
I thought his face make up was adorable
We also got to have breakfast with Santa at the embassy! The kids were so excited and nervous all at once. They decided to all hold hands on the way in.
Abby LOVED her eggies and muffins
I have decided it is impossible to get a good picture of kids when there is more then three ha!
Addie had on the cutest little smocked Christmas dress.
It was hard not to let the kiddos plow through the candy.
Liam liked the snowmen decorations
and of course his daddy
When we had finished eating the guest of honor came out!
Sammy was so excited I loved it!
The local kiddos were just as in awe
He couldn't stop clapping and laughing
Santa asked who had been good this year and the boys shot their hands up
Then Santa started pulling out the gifts. Liam walked right up when his name was called
Sammy was excited but just a tinsy bit nervous
Abby was terrified and screamed the second she was put near him.
There is always one and this time it was ours ;)
Liam couldn't wait to open his and was pretty excited
Adrienne was pretty darn excited herself
Everyone was teasing me about how cheeser my kids are and how you can totally tell their mom is a photographer
The local kids were so wonderfully patient and none of them opened their presents. They all took them home. I was so impressed! Right after we took the boys to get their hair cuts. This is how cool Timor is, at the Thai food restaurant you can get yummy food, a hair cut a message and anything else you might like. The boys had so much fun on their rubber donkeys
Sammy named his "hehaw, because he says hehaw" of course. Abby really loved the other one but was MAD when I made her turn around for a picture.
I tried to talk Chris into getting them one for Christmas but it was a no go :) They did get pretty spoiled. But that will have to wait for another post :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Riding Elephants and mopeds

Luckily our villa came with a daily driver but with traffic as bottle necked as it is it took 40 minutes just to get to the beach. Our solution? Rent two mopeds and pile on!

I actually decided for Chris to make two runs. The boys LOVED the moped and begged for rides.
Abby loved the helmet.
What was great about them was we could take the tiny backroads only mopeds can fit on, through gorgeous rice paddies right to the beach. The beach by the villa was deserted when we got there and we found out why.
There is an old women sitting under a palapa who the locals bring their babies too when they are 3 months old. She touches their feet to the sand for the first time. I thought it was such a cool thing.
Thats not the only thing the kiddos got to ride, ELEPHANTS!
Abby and I skipped it this time but the boys had a blast. Clark and Andrews elephant was named Andrew which they got a kick out of. Sam and Liam were bummed that theirs was a girl because they wanted one with tusks.
Liam was a tiny but scared when they went in the water
Mom was a little worried when the elephant balanced on a piling
Afterwards we got to go up to their alarming petting zoo. They had baby orangoutangs in diapers that I wouldn't let the boys near. Before I could stop them there was a snack around Liam's neck
Abby kept her distance from all the monkeys in aviary type cages
It was so much fun seeing all the kids become friends. Even Abby and Audrey dug each other... well until Abby would poke her eyes and try to hug her
Sam has already asked to go back to Bali, then he changed it to Clark and Andrew coming to visit him, we'll have to see, maybe there will be a trip to Jakarta in the spring :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I would like to live in this restaurant

The food never disappoints in Bali, the taste, the presentation, the atmosphere, you name it and it is awesome. The first day we ventured out of the villa we went to Cafe Bali

Our poor driver I am sure thought we were NUTS. The boys all pilled in the back and the volume back there reached incredible levels, so many "excuse me guys?" (Both our kids "politely" say excuse me 500 times when they want to say something, it was hilarious listening to it go back and forth).
The minute we stepped onto the porch of the restaurant I leaned over to Chris and said: "I want to live in this restaurant" So now I am photo documenting the resturant so later I can go back and try to duplicate some of their awesome decor.
The inside didn't disappoint either.
The lighting fixtures were so cool
and I loved their wall of mirrors
Then this little area was tucked away in a corner and was completely different from the rest
I love hydrangeas, they made up a large portion of my wedding bouquet so I have been in heaven finding them every where in Bali
My own complaint would be how HOT is was. We were all sweating bullets. (did you notice in the pictures all the dudes either without shirts or in tank tops? Yeah we were in a total time warp back to 1985). Our boys were "glistening" ha!
The food was fabulous and although Abby had a meltdown we really enjoyed ourselves and if we go back to Seminyak I will absolutely be eating there again.
After lunch the boys graciously took ALL the kiddos back to the villa so Cher and I could shop (Seminyak is known for its shopping so we were pretty excited). My friend had told me about this children's store Clara Mia that carried clothes by a french lady that were to die for. Cher and I walked past and they were closed for lunch and we peered in and it looked like there were only a handful of dresses in the whole store. I thought aw great it is one of THOSE stores. We started walking down the street and that is when a massive thunderstorm let loose.
We were stuck in this random clothing store with CRAZY prices and store clerks who shrieked everytime the thunder would clap. FInally it let up and we headed back to Clara Mia. It totally lived up to the hype. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING in the store. But it was expensive so I walked out with one outfit. I totally tried to sneak pictures of some of the other outfits because I could totally make some of it but would never remember what they looked like. Cher was great at distracting the girl while I snapped some hilariously bad pictures with the camera down by my leg. We were so covert haa!
I am TOTALLY going to make these sailor shorts for Abby!
We also stocked up on decor for Abby and Audrey's rooms and I am soooo excited to start setting it up... and figuring out how to make pale green, metal walls look okay.... I love a challenge and all but this one is tough. In the end it was sort of overwhelming shopping there. There was just WAY too many streets all jam packed with tiny shops which were in turn jam packed full of merchandise.