Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catch Up Soon

We have been in UT for a week now and it has been crazy. I have a lot of catching up to do but it is going to have to wait. Things have been pretty stressful with my family lately as my older sister Felicity contracted swine flu coupled with pneumonia and was eventually placed in a medicinally induced coma and placed on a ventilator. After three days they thought it would be safe to wake her up and this afternoon she did and seems to be doing alright... she will still be in the hospital for a while but it is nice to have her be able to say a few words. Since I am obviously not allowed anywhere near the hospital we have been trying to keep busy and the boys have been having a lot of fun with their "friends" as Sam loves calling his cousins. I was also introduced today to the amazing world of a Feis (pronounced "fesh") or Irish dance competition. My little sister Claire has been dancing for 13 years and finally decided to compete so we went to scope out the competition :) It was so fun to see the array of costumes and the tiny little kids dancing. As I said pictures will eventually follow when I find a second between waddling after the boys, downing water and resting :0) Five more weeks!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am just pretending none of this is happening

Chris and I just put the boys down after our last trip to Busch Gardens. Now I know it is melodramatic and I know for heaven sakes no one died or anything like that but the people who saw me crying as I left probably thought someone did. Tonight was our last night in Williamsburg as a family and as locals. I have been trying not to think about it and pretending like it isn't happening. The whole while I have been packing I've kind of had an out of body experience. While saying goodbye to my friend Terish today she nailed it right on the head saying Williamsburg is a magical place. These past three years have been just that, magic. I simply cannot find any other words to describe it, they would all sound so trite. Thank you to everyone who has made these three years the happiest I have known. This is where we started our family, where we forged our own way, were we skrimped and wished we could save and found so much happiness in free walks through CW. I tried to tell myself as the time flew by to enjoy every minute and although Chris and I agree we really tried I already miss it.
For all these wonderful memories I will always LOVE Williamsburg!
Chris on his first day of school (when we were living in the Marriott trying to figure everything out)
Sam looked like this:
Out little Lemers was not even on the radar... for a few months :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crazy 8's

My friend Heidi tagged me on her blog and as tomorrow is our last day in Williamsburg and I know I won’t be getting on the computer I thought I should do it now ;) Heidi by the way is Christopher’s favorite mission companions wife. Isn’t it wonderful when awesome people marry awesome people! One of Christopher’s other closest friends married Kristen whom I think is almost MORE awesome then him (just kidding Wes… she is TOTALLY more awesome then you). That means the bar is set pretty high for you Bodily (if you EVER read this blog which I DON”T think he does).

8 things I did yesterday:
1. Packed
2. Packed
3. Packed
4. Packed
5. Ate Dinner at California Tortilla
6. Got my first pedicure in as long as I can remember
7. Bathed and got the boys to bed
8. Packed

8 things I look forward to:
1. Having baby girl!
2. Knowing baby girls name
3. Finding out where we will be living the next two years
4. Swimming with my boys in the pool I used to teach swim lessons in
5. The Fourth of July
6. Chris being done with and PASSING the bar and back with us.
7. Receiving a paycheck instead of student loan check
8. Bedtime with the boys, it means clean people, scriptures, prayers and then mommy daddy time!

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Run-- more specifically enjoy running
2. Go an entire day without losing my patience
3. Cook a really good meal
4. BBQ every night with out any cholesterol or weight gaining side effects
5. Think of a name for baby girl
6. Finish packing
7. Blink my eyes or bob my head and have the laundry done
8. Be brave enough to have a baby alone so that I could stay in Williamsburg the whole summer

8 shows I watch on TV
1. Thomas and Friends (about two episodes a morning)
2. Curious George (Liam’s favorite)
3. Pushing Daisy’s (although it is over—again).
4. The Office
5. 30 Rock
6. American Idol
7. Whale Wars
8. Around the World for Free

8 people I tag:
1. Nora
2. Elizabeth
3. Kristen
4. Robyn
5. Maren
6. Olivia
7. Garity
8. Anybody else that thinks this will be fun- or needs to waste time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sam Got Every Drop of my Love of the Beach

Sam and I are kindred spirits when it comes to the beach. I could live in a tent on the beach and be perfectly happy... in fact I did for young women's camp one summer. Sammy shares this adoration for the sun and surf and it is often a morning request to go to the beach. We have been blessed to live by SEVERAL beach's these past three years both river and ocean and as my last few days approach I am finding myself desperate to spend as much time at them as possible. So, when the Swanson's came for a visit I was THRILLED to have the excuse to head down to VA beach. It is my theory that you must spend at least double the amount of time it took you to get to the beach AT the beach to make it worth it, making it difficult to justify driving the 45 mins all the way down there. We maxed this day out though, I think we were there for at least four possibly five hours! Whooo hooo!
Sam and Liam had an absolute blast playing with their cousins and digging for crabs! Ally requested someone bury her and I volunteered.
Once Ally was buried then Aiden wanted to be and it just snowballed from there. I think it is a pretty funny picture myself. Such cute little heads.
While Liam refused to hold still long enough to actually be buried he had fun letting us cover his little toes and really liked when we built a sand castle on top of him :)
I didn't think the water was that bad and thus was the only adult to venture a swim with the kids. I did not however jump as high as ally over waves :)
This is when I found out that Sam does NOT like me being out in the water. Anytime I would run into the surf he would start screaming crying until I came back. This was a bummer because I think I was finally winning points with Derek and Dallin and not being the lame preggy aunt but the cool aunt reminiscent of my pre mommy times. Oh well back to mommy duty ;) It sure makes you feel good to be so loved!

Lookin colonial

As I mentioned before Chris's mom made awesome colonial outfits for the kids, so when we joined the Swansons for part of their visit to CW the boys had to sport their outfits! I had purchased both boys some new church shoes that would also double as colonial shoes but heaven forbid they forfeit their precious crocks!
Sam thought he was a pirate so he was all about it... well except for the tights. He kept asking why he was wearing them. Chris agreed with Sam I think. Liam did NOT want to keep his hat on, but it looked soooo cute!
I was only able to snap a few shots with him wearing it. Of course they immediately wanted to sit and play in the dirt with their cousin Aiden. I thought the three hats looked so cute.
Derek and Dallin wouldn't wear costumes but they did wear their hats.
Sam absolutely loves his cousin Ally and would follow her anywhere. She and Aiden were nice enough to come spend the night at our house and I thought Sam was going to explode showing them all his toys and trains. (Aiden was once a Thomas fanatic so he knew all the right terms). Sam followed Ally all over CW and was very distressed when he couldn't find her.
Liam on the other hand marched to his own drum as usually. We got lots of compliments and requests for where we bought the outfits. While everyone listened to the speech's going on for Revolutionary City, Liam was perfectly happy sitting on a wood pile throwing small pieces of wood.
Sam of course had one of his trains and wanted to see if he could get it as dirty as his tights. I figured that there was no point in trying to stay clean and it gave me a good heads up on how easily tights get dirty!
By the end of the afternoon Liam was feed up with posing for pictures and sharing soda and had no problem expressing his feelings
We had a few people stop and ask him what was wrong to which he would yell his usually ambivilant response "I NOT!" Whatever that means. He calmed down a little once he got the mug back and could eat his favorite snack -- Ice chips.
Totally gets that one from his Dad! On the way out we let the boys go nuts in the "Climbing Tree" as I call it. Sam was being so brave-- had to look tough in front of his boys cousins of course!
We were able to snap a pretty good one of all the kids in the gardens. The older boys loved how huge the plants get in Virginia and had to showcase them.
I couldn't resist just one more of Ally all decked out in her dress! Soooo cute!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Seriously Busy Day

We took my family and Christophers family to Jamestown to seap in the rich history of the area and well to show off the pirate ships to the boys. Hopefully the asults go to enjoy the museum while we chased around the boys.
Ali was all dressed in her colonial garb and had LOTS of requests to be in other peoples pictures. (Chris's mom made all the kids colonial outfits or got them three cornered hats! More on that later).
We had fun wandering around the encampment and Ali got to try her hand at crushing corn:
I think the biggest hit was the ships though. They are just so cool! Aiden and Sam had a blast crawling in and out of the bunk beds. Those totally gross me out because of the smell but apparently it doesn't bother little boys.
I made one of the twins try and fit his head out the tiny window on the side, what a good sport he was!
We of course had to take MANY pictures of the whole fam so that Mel has lots of good options for the christmas card!
Then it was on to the Fort where the boys had fun putting on all the armor and wacking each other... well the tree behind them got the worst of it.
We headed over to the gun demonstration and forced shy little Ali to take a picture with the guy afterwards. Thats what happens when you wear your colonial clothes!
Since we were already right there I suggested we take the ferry over and pick some strawberries at College Run Farms. The cute girl who owns the farm had delivered her second little boy that morning! We had fun driving onto the ferry and then throwing scraps Jan had collected at the Jamestown cafe off the end of the ship for the seagulls.
We were lucky and hit the farm RIGHT at the peak of strawberries. They were gorgeous and plentiful! Liam didn't bother with trivial things like a bucket. He just plopped himself down at what he deemed was a good spot and went to town on the bush next to him.
Claire found some good ones (looking so stylish!)
Derek and Dallin were very discerning on which ones were good enough to be picked
Luckily Mel had brought Ali a change of clothes so she didn't have to tromp through the fields in her colonial outfit!
And we got a pretty nice group shot minus a few grandparents.
After loading up the car with our strawberries and our tummies with strawberry ice cream we headed back to the ferry. It was still early afternoon so I suggested we head to waller mill and take out the paddle boats.
At first I was going to leave Liam on shore with my mom but he got so excited when everyone started putting on life jackets and I just couldn't say no.
The main mistake we made though was not having one of the twins with us. Man your legs get tired after a while!
Luckily we did have Claire because man were Sam and Liam ALL over the boat.
Sam tried to stear most of the time which meant we spent the bulk of the hour going in circles! It was a very fun day and writing this post is making me throughly depressed that I only have one more week here.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Farmers Market, Yorktown Beach and most important Sammy turns three!

One of Chris's six sisters Melony and her fun family were able to come out and visit the week after graduation! While we had to do all the touristy things first thing was first. Sam turned three!! We had a fun birthday dinner at the complex the Swanson's and Crawford's were staying at. It was a gorgeous evening perfect for a BBQ in a gazebo or what Sam lovingly refers to as "his birthday house." (Soooo cute!). Aiden was very obliging with his picture taking and requested that I snap this shot:
He is such a shy boy I really worry about him --- NOT! Sam of course received lots of trains and well lots of trains :) He picked out his own birthday cake (I know a store bought cake it is blasphemous of me but hello I had a TON on my plate and I REALLY like Ukrops frosting).
Earlier in the day we had hit up the wonderful farmers market and taken the fam on a tour of the undergrad campus. The kids particularly like all the canons that dotted the campus.
It was also really fun to discover what a ham our nephew Aiden is. He was posing all over the place for me!
We just happened to be there on a Saturday when they were having a fife and drum competition. It was really fun to watch the MANY different groups and pity them for having to march in such hot weather in full regalia.
The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and I was so excited for my mom (an avid gardener) to get to see all of them! Of course I had to torture my little sister by taking some pics
Being from Utah and this being their first time on the East Coast the kids really wanted to go to the beach. We had already planned a full day down at VA beach but thought it would be fun to take a little trip down to Yorktown Beach to at least give them a little time in the sand and water.
They loved it and dove right in! Liam had fun playing with his bulldoozer and letting the water lap up onto his little leggies.
Sam absolutely LOVES his cousins whom he refers to as "my friends". He was always asking "where did my friends go?" "Are my friends coming in Sammy's car?" I think he is really going to enjoy or stint back in UT!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It can't rain on my parade but man did it rain on graduation!

Yippie!!! Chris has graduated from law school!!! Diploma and dream job in hand we march forth into the unknown. I just pray there is better weather in the unknown then there was in Williamsburg that day. We were lucky enough to have Chris parents, my parents and my little sister attend graduation. Chris headed out before myself and my family to get all ready for the main event. The ceremony was to be held outdoors in the campus's beautiful sunken gardens. Emphasis on the word SUNKEN. It had been lashing rain all morning and the gardens were literally sinking. The tent they had set up to offer "shade" was TINY. They did not require tickets for this ceremony but I guess thought every law graduate of William and Mary was a hermit and would have one person tops there to cheer them on, thus by the time we arrived the gardens were a swamp and there was NO where to sit. Thank my lucky stars our good friends the Grady's had one extra seat in what was miraculously a dry patch. Leslie called me over so I slopped through the mud across a row of people with both boys and plopped down. I don't know what I would have done otherwise. My poor parents and sister stood in the aisle and enjoyed a nice pelting by the rain. Leslie and her mom were wonderful about helping me with the boys but after about 45 mins of being good they got pretty silly and were laughing with each other so loud I figured it was distracting, in steps my awesome mom and sister who take the boys from me and go and crash another reception which was indoors (lucky people). They brought them back just in time to hear their Daddies name be called!DSC06877-1
I know they won't remember nor did they have any idea what was going on but I was so glad they were there for that moment.
Sammy especially loved Christopher's "Train Whistle" and kept pulling on his tassel and making train whistle sounds. Thanks to my families help I was able to sneak up front and capture some fun pics of Chris receiving his diploma.
I also captured a few of his classmates including Kevin Grady who's family saved me: Our friend Adam Harrison whom we are soooo glad transfered to W&M from BYU:
And his beaming wife one of my closest friends here Nora and their son Samuel (he really likes his laddle):
Proud wife Olivia and cutie patootie Ella:
We are so proud of Christopher and the tireless work he has put into this degree!
After the ceremony it stopped raining just when we went into the law school for the reception (Nice timing). We got to have some yummy cake and chat with good friends. Chris had every class 1L year with the wonderful Elizabeth Burroughs who is now living in Hawaii!!! Oh we will be visiting you Elizabeth!Liam enjoyed sporting Christophers funky graduation cap:We of course had to take lots of pictures in front of the law school so we never forget... as if we would!
One of the whole water logged group: DSC06918B
Our wonderful friends the Grady's who have already left us for the great state of Texas!
After the ceremony we headed back to the cars and home to dry off. Then we were treated to a delicious dinner at Outback Sans Sam and Liam! Christophers Sister Melony came to visit with her wonderful family and was gracious enough to take them off our hands so we could actually enjoy the dinner! We then headed back to their Condo to enjoy some graduation cake with their family! (Our twin nephews Derek and Dallin, Sam, Aiden and my little sis Claire.)
I have to be honest I am having a really ahrd time coming to grips with the fact that we will be leaving here shortly. Even though a lot of our friends have already left and our house is covered in box's, I keep thinking this is just another summer and we will all be back in the fall. What amazing friends and memories we have made while here. I know for a fact we will look back on this time as one of our favorites, poorness and insane hours included. This is where we started our family, this is where we came to be so close as a couple, learned to be on our own and thrive, how can you not love a place where all that happens?