Friday, March 28, 2008

Who new Thursdays could be so fun!

Thursday was Sam's best bud Fischer's second birthday! I cannot believe these boys are growing up so fast! Christopher and I had purchased season tickets to Busch Gardens (ten Min's from our house max!) and since Chris had been working long and hard decided to take a break and take Sam. Jordan and Fischer and Sophie joined us and we had a blast celebrating Fischer's Birthday by going on all the rides and periodically singing him happy birthday. The boys especially loved the airplane ride although while everyone else was flying high they couldn't figure out how to go up no matter how many times we yelled "pull up on the stick!" They loved it none the less. Most rides they could go on by themselves and I was surprised and pleased that they showed no fear only delight. I was afraid we would have paid for a whole season and Sam would be terrified. I am excited to keep going back and can't wait to go when it is not spring break! (Driving Home From Busche Gardens)

Today was a GORGEOUS day and we ended up having an impromptu BBQ at the gorgeous Waller mill park with the Thornocks and the Gradys. It was a lot of fun... until Sam fell while eating and smacked his mouth on the park bench... once again blood poured from his mouth and Chris immediately started running with him to the car. Half way to the car he saw the poster with pictures of all the fish that were in the lake. He immediately stopped crying looked at Chris and I and did his "sound that fishes make" baw baw baw baw. So we rinsed his mouth out in the bathroom and he now has a sad fat black and blue lip but luckily no stitches or teeth missing! Below are some belated pictures of us dying Eggs at the Adam's and of the boys on the egg hunt on Easter. Thank you mom for the ADORABLE outfits!

Fischer and Sam watching the beginning of Enchanted. The were rapt until after the prince killed the ogre. I have got to get him some manly Disney movies, darn that stupid Disney Vault!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wild Week

It was a super busy but super fun past week! We had two great visitors. First Chris's older sister Cori came to visit. Her husband is starting a fun new government job so they came to scout out the area whoo hoo go Virginia! Chris and I would love to have a family member anywhere along the eastern seaboard. Close enough to visit for smaller holidays preferably! We only had one day with her though so we did the whirl wind tour of williamsburg. She was naughty though so we were put in the stocks... seriously that would be a horrible punishment.
Then my sister Felicity came to visit for Easter. While she took a tour of the University of Richmond Law school I met Jordan and Fischer and Sophie at the Richmond Children's museum and the boys had a blast! There are a ton of cute pictures but here are a few:

Then there was Easter! Sam I think has decided he wants this holiday to be everyday! In following with my families tradition, the boys woke up to a trail of jelly beans and eggs that led to their Easter baskets. Sam of course stopped every few feet to shove jelly beans in his mouth. He then got to search for all the Easter eggs. He would bring them to me and I would promptly hide them somewhere else while he looked for others. This way it lasted a lot longer hee hee, tricky mom. We had a really yummy dinner with the Adams family and then had a ginormous Easter egg hunt for the boys in their backyard. Jordan and I together made something like 160 eggs! The hubbies refused to put them all out, which in the end was for the best since the boys lost interest and we had to pick a bunch up. Liam really enjoyed gumming the wrappers of his candy and even broke through a few with his shiny new tooth. Chris and I had fun tickling him and hearing him giggle. See video below. He is sooooo cute I can't stand it and spend the majority of my day kissing him.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Great Saturday with the Boys

Once again I am dying over the cuteness of boys! Today we had a great Saturday, with gorgeous weather. Jordan and I took the boys and Sophie on a hike and to the park. They loved the barbeque and going on the swings. The best part of the day though was when we took them and thier "four Wheelers" to Waller Mill park and let them drive them down the path. It was the most adorable thing to watch. They just kep laughing and staring at each other. After a nice ride and a little off roading on the way back we had a grand ole time throwing stuff in the water! (see videos below) Seriously they are just to cute! Both boys broke down and were crying when we left, Sam spent the ride home saying "ischer peese ischer!" To be completely honest I am terrified of finishing law school. I have no idea what we are going to do with out the Adams' family. Maybe we will just have to follow them wherever they move :) Liam is always up for an adventure and loves watching the big boys. It won't be long till he is right there with them!

Friday, March 14, 2008

There will be Blood

Today was a gorgeous day! We were lucky enough to go play at Sam's buddy Thomas' house, and was joined by Fischer and Jordan and Sophie! The boys had a great time playing in the backyard on the swing set and with Thomas' great train table. It was so nice and low key. I was showing the boys how to do kart wheels (really pathetic ones, who knew they were so hard at this age) and they decided they wanted to go on the swings. I put Thomas and Fischer on the "big Boy" swings and Sam in the toddler swing, but I didn't strap him in. We had been swinging nicely for a few minutes singing the Thomas the train theme song when WHAM! Sam had leaned forward to talk to Fisher and Thomas and he fell flat on the ground. Now the big boy swings are maybe a foot off the ground so falling is no tragedy. But when your mom puts you in the toddler swing and doesn't strap you in it is quiet the fall (you can see it pretty well in the pictures). I felt horrible. He knocked the wind out of himself and his tooth went right into his lip. He was bleeding from his lip and inside his mouth but all he wanted was his Ma (his binky, not me). As I tried to console him as he screamed he would interchangeably push away from me and snuggle up to me. It was as if he knew it was my fault and was mad but yet wanted his mom to make him feel better. Luckily Trish had a Thomas video ready to go and he settled down. The poor guy is now taking what I am sure will be a marathon nap after three hours of hard playing coupled with a minor concussion (Dr, Kelly Crawford's diagnosis).
It is really cute to see a group of boys play together though. Being a girl myself (shocker) I love watching the dynamics of it all. It cracks me up how they immediately go to anything messy aka the dirt under the deck, the fountain with the water and leaves. It is great! I am sure it is the same way with girls and playing house but I loved watching the three of them march around the fence of the yard and poke things with sticks. All three of them are such good little boys and I am so glad that even at such a young age Sam has some good buddies to play with! I included a funny video to illustrate how Fischer will be in the Olympics someday and Sam... well Sam will be there to cheer him on!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Video killed the Radio Star

So here are some funny videos. What is with boys and puddles? Sorry this is sideways if you have one of those cool monitors you can totally twist it for better viewing. The other is of sam repeatedly biffing it at the Kirtland Temple museum. come to find out Daddy had put his shoes on the wrong feet-- nice :) I love that Lucy falls when he does. I also included a funny picture of sam wearing Liams Pants... yes his six month old brothers pants. After a diaper change he would not let chris put on his own pants and kept grabbing Bro Bros So Chris obliged (nice daddy) and he wore them the rest of the night. He looks like a pirate. Also he LOVES hats and anything that resembles one will go on his head. Hence the bucket hat.

The boys are back in Town!

We are home again in Williamsburg. I am not going to lie the drive was a long one but man was it worth it. We had a blast in Cleveland! I thought I would put up some cute pictures and videos of Lucy and Sam playing and of Kirtland temple, and adorable Liam in the excersaucer. Now that we are home comes the dreaded unpacking. I am coupling that with Spring closet clean out though so our house is a serious mess. Luckily I won an awesome train set on Ebay and a train table on craigslist so Sam is in train heaven. It is great because we have it in the middle of our living room so Sam just plays and plays while I fold laundry, clean, feed Liam etc. And at night Chris and I can watch our shows in peace while playing with him... I swear we are not lazy parents this is just when a good show is on :) We got to see our good friends the Adams' last night. I mentioned Fischer's name and Sam nearly fell running to get his shoes and coat. He really loves playing with him. Little Sophie seems to be doing better although Matt being the good daddy he is took her to the back room so she didn't get any of our germies. Now that it is getting warm out I am sure we will be spending lots of time with friends at the park! Today is gorgeous and I have all our doors and blinds up to let in all the sunlight. I parked myself right where the light comes in while folding laundry and could have taken a nap between the warm sunlight and smell of clean clothes ;) Sam and Liam are miraculously down at the same time, Sam is tuckered from playing with Fisch and Liam is tuckered from watching them!! I keep reminding him that he will be big enough to join in soon. They grow up way to fast!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We Can't All Travel By Bubble

Well I saw it again and it was amazing--- again! Chris and Wes surprised Kristen and I with Box sets to see Wicked for Christmas and tonight we went. It was amazing. The first time I saw it was this summer in London with Chris's mom and sister Amanda. The minute we left I wanted to see it again. I am in awe of the choreography and the voices-- the beautiful voices. Although the song is not a sad one Defying gravity always brings me to tears simply because of the shear beauty of the music. It is such a wonderful story-- pretty different from the book but nonetheless wonderful. I really would give anything to see Kristen Chenowith play Galinda. It seems as if the part was written for her. Luckily Sam, Liam and Lucy were great for the babysitter so we got to feel like real adults with no food being thrown or tantrums! Obviously I would recommend to ANYWAY to see this if it ever comes to your city! Thank you boys for being such great husbands and getting a little bit of Christmas in March!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Off like a herd of Turtles

For our Spring Break our little family headed to visit our good friends the Tillmann's in Cleveland Ohio. Of course we could not get off to an easy start. Liam's fever had returned so we had taken him to the doctor who prescribed him a new ear infection medication. I kept him in our bed so I could check his temperature through out the night. Because of this I slept pretty skiddywampus and woke up at 4:30 without being able to move my neck. I literally could not turn in any direction. I started sobbing and woke up Chris terrified (remember that wild imagination from the last post) that I had some sort of weird paralization. Our awesome friends the Thornocks came and slept at the house so we could go to the emergency room. I was diagnosed with Torticaulous which essentially means there is a large immovable mass at the base of my skull which had hardened making it impossible to move. I got a lovely shot in the bum and a big muscle relaxer. We went home and poor Chris had to go Try his legal skills case on very little sleep. I began packing and thought seriously if one more thing happens we are not going. Not even a half hour later Liam was suddenly sobbing uncontrollably. I finally thought I will just lay him down for a nap and hopefully he will be okay. I went to change his diaper and found him covered head to toe in huge circular rashes. "You have GOT to be kidding me!" I cried. We took him in to the pediatrician right away and they decided he was allergic to the new ear medication and gave him some benadril.
So with prayer that nothing else would happen we loaded up the car and headed to Cleveland. Since arriving we have had a wonderful time. Sam adores Lucy... sadly the feeling does not seem to be mutual as he wants to hug her all the time and she seems to carry around a broom an awful lot to ward him off. They do play very cute together though when in the right mood.
Today for example they thought the Kirtland Temple museum was the perfect place to run in circles and fall down laughing at each other. Chris and I were able to enjoy a nice quiet tour of the temple as poor Wes and Kristen took Lucy and Sam for ice cream at McDonald's. It is such and amazing place. There is so much history it is hard to absorb it all. I was in awe thinking the prophet stood there and spoke such amazing words. The RLDS tour guide we had was very sweet and they seem to have a good repore with the church which is wonderful. The weather was freezing cold so unfortunately we did not spend that much time exploring the grounds, but did enjoy the tour and museum. Now on to Palmyra and Nauvoo!(Pictures and a hilarious video fo the kids to be attached soon)