Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Years Eve- Dili Style

Everything is laid back here in Dili (unless we are in crisis mode which seems to happen often at the embassy ha!) So we approached New Years eve with that in mind. Most of our friends left the island for the holidays so those of us that were still hear got together at our house with the BBQ, the bounce house and some face paint. The kids had a blast. Sammy LOVES Briggs who is a few years older then him but very patient with him. They played "Agents" most of the night. And when I asked how they wanted their faces painted they said "like agents" I responded "what does that mean?" and since they couldn't articulate it they got spiders.

I thought Amanda would want a butterfly or flowers but she wanted spiders too
Liam wanted (read mom talked him into) a dragon
This is what it looks like when he is a grumpy dragon
Addie did not want her face painted but was excited about sparklers... although she doesn't look it in this picture, and we did turn her sparkler right side up.
It is nice having a big yard when firewords are involved because we can kind keep the kids away from each other. Although I think my constant "Don't run with your sparkler!!!" Probably sucked some fun out of it
We tried doing the whole write your name thing, but it doesn't work so well when it is still bright out.
It is fun to play with the focus on the camera when fire is involved
Although I would suggest a zoom lens not a prime in the future. I got some nice sparks zappin me.
Liam would beg for more every time his went out and I figured since we weren't going to be here for the fourth we might as well.
I think they ended up doing 4 or 5 each. Then there was lots of snacking
The kids headed to bed around 9:30 and Chris and I literally stayed up until 12:03 then zonked. But that is kinda how it is when you are parents! I think one year I am going to make an effort to go to a glamorous party. Maybe when we are at some big huge embassy. For now I kind like Dili style!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We have a HOUSE!!

Well it is getting there at least! Katie was kind enough to send us some photographic updates on our house and I am jumping out of my seat I am so excited. Although when I think about the fact that we will not be living in it anytime soon I get pretty sad. So this is the front of the house.

It is a duplex and when seeing it next to the smaller one I am sooo glad we went with the larger one. This is the side view. I LOVE how many windows there are. If I had my way there would be even more but something about structurally unsound...
And this is the back.
Which leads out to our cute little garage.
There is just enough of a yard to put in a giant trampoline ha! We don't have to worry about a swing set because the park is directly across from our front door, ah heaven! Then there are all the walking trails that lead to Colonial Williamsburg and, well, I just think it is the perfect place. Now, does anyone know a GOOD family in Williamsburg that needs and amazing four bedroom place? :)