Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It will all be over soon-- is what I keep telling myself

So there will be no pictures on this particular post. Why? Oh just because the external hard drive I received for mothers day which holds every picture I own (including the photoshoot I did this weekend for my NINE nieces) sounds like a weed whacker when I turn it on. I can literally hear it chewing up every pictorial memory I have ever made. It has been that kind of few weeks. I swear when Chris leaves he takes all of my calm and any smidgen of Irish luck I might posses that wasn't already cancelled out by "Murphy's Law". (I am a Murphy twice over-- it is also my moms maiden name). Things keep falling on me, cereal box's, ginormous double strollers which for some reason have a vendetta and fall out of the car first onto my legs then slam onto my feet. Oh and I have been falling. Last week I heard Sam torturing Liam and Lemers doing that primal scream when you know he is REALLY hurt. I was unloading the dish washer in the kitchen and spun around running to the office fully expecting a TV to be ontop of someone. I was wearing my way to big silk PJS which went right under my right foot taking out my left foot causing me to SLAM onto the wood floor and slide with surprising strength into the wall--- yeah this was when I was 37 weeks pregnant. I of course start sobbing from pain and fear of loosing a baby I had at that point carried for 37 weeks. Sam and Liam both stared wide eyed as I pulled my bloody knee up and continued to cry. It must be traumatic to be little and see your mommy crying. After calling my wonderful Labor and delivery sister in law and drinking literally a gallon of orange juice, buying a fetal heart monitor and establishing she was still there and kicking I was able to calm down and return to the fantastic life that is chasing around two toddlers 38.5 weeks pregnant Sans husband. Thank goodness for helpful moms, mother in laws, sisters, sister in laws and strangers who think they are sooo helpful in offering their plethora of advice or comments like "You look miserable", "You look like you are going to explode!" Okay those last people are not actually helpful just annoying :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wow so I have SERIOUSLY neglected the bloggin. But I figure since I am insanely pregnant and taking care of two toddlers by myself I will be excused :) It has been a fun month here in UT, with the exception of my sisters bout with swine flu. Thankfully lots of prayers and fasting were answered and she was removed from her ventilator and is on her way to full recovery! Thank you to those who checked in with me about her I really appreciate it! We were lucky enough to spend fathers day with Chris! Woo hoo we love our daddy and miss him sooooooooo much!PhotobucketNeedless to say we have been spending LOTS of quality extended family time. Sam loves being able to have cousins around basically 24-7. We are constantly doing fun little activities and I made yet another season pass purchase-- to the zoo! Of course Sam loved it because of the little train that you can ride on (of course that is a buck extra-- arggg!). Our family took up an entire car and that was just us moms and some of the kids!PhotobucketEven though he was in a grumpy mood and I really have no idea why the seat next to Sam was fought over. That always makes you feel good :) He and Ashlyn had fun zooming around and getting dangerously close to some bison. PhotobucketBreanna and Ally sat behind us looking all cute and tweeny. PhotobucketAt the playground they had a great time on the ginormous see-saw. Photobucketand climbing through all the animals.Photobucket(Liam was zonked during this portion of the visit-- he wasn't being pictorially neglected I swear). When he did come to he loved being able to get so close tot he elephants, and even though it wasn't squirting at the time the giant wooden elephant was pretty fun! PhotobucketOh and the next time we went with a smaller group Liam was kind enough to chuck one of his crocks into the bird sanctuary river. Thankfully a kind stranger fished it out for me!We also got to celebrate my 28th birthday! We had a fun picnic at this amazing park with Christopher's family. We had a yummy lunch from Kneeders and of course cake! Sam helped me open presents both for me and baby girl. PhotobucketThe kids played a fun soccer game and ran around in the blistering heat. These cute girls are all missing funny teeth but you can't really see it isn't the picture. PhotobucketThat night my family took us to Smoky Mountain Pizza and I had a terriyaki pasta I am still dreaming about. We polished dinner off with my favorite a red velvet cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. PhotobucketThis place is sooooooo cute and their cakes are amazing. If you are in Sandy I suggest you frequent them and pick up one of their mini bundts! PhotobucketThen we had our own mini firework show... it didn't go all that well. Liam was terrified and hid in the back of the garage and Sam wasn't to much better. PhotobucketIts okay though it was a good warm up for the fourth. I have to say though that one of the things that we have LOVED is having two of our favorite families right here with us in Draper!!!! Sam just about died when we pulled up to--- FISCHERS HOUSE!!! Well, his grandparents house. It is just down the way from Chris's parents and is amazing. Sam begs to go there all the time. It has a HUGE property with two horses, a barn, a tennis court and a huge hot tub that can basically be used as a swimming pool. PhotobucketLiam was pretty excited to see Sophers also. We also have probably annoyed the Tillmanns to death with all our calls to do stuff. It is just so fun having them five mins away as opposed to eight hours in Cleveland!
Chris flew in for the weekend and we were lucky enough to spend a fun mellow fourth eating tons fo junk and lighting of fireworks with the Tillmanns on the fourth. The kids were really hesitant at first but most of them came around eventually.
Reese even ended up going crazy with sparklers (which Kristen and I finally said was not allowed anymore after he almost lit several people on fire unintentionally).
Liam did not warm up though and spent the entire time either hiding in the bottom of his stroller,
in the garage and then finally just asked Chris to put him to bed.
Sam and Lucy loved it though and we had fun mooching off our neighbors firework show. It is nice when someone else is risking the illegal fireworks. Photobucket.
Soon to come swim lessons with Lucy and Fischer and a trip to Willard Bay! I'll try to get to that before the summer is over haaa!