Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Pocus, Our Humble Abode and Sewing on the Seine

Wow, I feel bad for not posting in sooo long. But at the same time I have literally been feeling BAD. For those of you who don't know Chris and I are expecting baby number four!! We are thrilled, although with out giving to much yucky detail the toilet and I have gotten to know each other WAY to well in my opinion. I head to Singapore in a week for my ultrasound but Chris and I have decided that we are not going to be finding out what this munchikin is. We already have clothes and decor for either (and pretty much settled on a few names) so we thought we would let it be a fun surprise. Now we will see if this can remain unknown as it requires me to immedately tell ever doctor and nurse I see "we're not finding out!" and I did have one friend who had a doctor abroad who thought that was ridiculous and went a head and told her anyway! Liam has dubbed the baby "baby Pocus" I said "Like Hocus Pocus?" "Yup!" He also asked Chris and I "Will this baby be nice? And not pull my hair and bite me?" Um..... Abby has been going through a bit of a rough spot and I think the boys are beginning to notice. In other big news we closed on and now own our first home! We are desperate to see it but won't for 3 more months ughhhhhh. It is in our beloved Williamsburg (I love that our kids have a place to be "from") and I will fly out to see it in July, then promptly sign it with a rental company, boo. We also found out today where our next posting will be and we are still in complete shock, fabulous, wonderful, could not be more excited shock. Chris will return to DC for seven months in the New Year to learn French so that we can all head to Paris France!!! Chris woke me up this morning at 6am by saying Bonjour and I basically feel out of the bed screaming. Of course Paris won't be nearly as fun if we don't have visitors!!!! As if I had to sell it, but just so you know we will be a 1.15 train ride to London, flights round trip to Scotland and Ireland are 50 bucks and well, basically everywhere in Europe is a quick cheap train ride. I am already trying to talk Chris into going to Transylvania for one of the halloweens ha! So there you have it! Over load of news and no pictures, rare for me ha!