Monday, April 28, 2008

The scariest song in the world-- Happy Birthday

We had a little get together at my parents house Sunday to celebrate Sam's birthday. We had hot dogs (his favorite-- as most kids) and cupcakes. Liam found out how delicious a pickle is! Chris and I abhor them so it will probably be the first and last. The below video shows what he thinks of us singing happy birthday to him :)

Sam loves the routine we have formed here at night of Bath in giant tub-- story time-- bed. I had to catch a picture of Grandma and Grandpa reading on their insanely comfy bed.!
We are headed out to Baltimore to visit the Aquarium and have a day out with Thomas. I feel like a little kid waiting to go to Disneyland. If Sam doesn't love it as much as I think he will, I will be depressed! At least Thomas Lacey and Clark Nelson will be there. I am so excited to see Clark and Cherylyn again! I am sure a plethora of pictures will follow.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Week in pictures

So I think I am simply going to change my slide show because there are way to many cute pictures! These are some of my favorites though. The ones of both boys were taken at the tulip festival at Thanksgiving point (thank you Elizabeth for the flower idea!). Heaven forbid sam let go of his trains!

As I had previously posted having my little sister around is like having the best nanny ever. She made an amazing train track out of chalk on my parents back patio and Sam LOVED it! Liam loved the swing!Although I don't have a picture Sam had a blast going to the aquarium. It is just a preview of the one they are going to build downtown but it was still fun! He and Liam have also discovered how fun it is to take a bath in a huge bath tub! Sam calls these Bubble Hats, I get a bubble beard everynight though no wonder my chin is breaknig out! I think he wants me to look a little more like his daddy since he misses him so much. Seriously though could Liam get any cuter!
While playing out front the ice cream man came past ( he must have been selling drugs because it was like 45 degrees) nonetheless Sam got his first ice cream from a truck :) and wasn't violently ill after! Woo hoo! My little sister was performing Irish Dance up at the zoo with her group so I thought it would be a perfect day to take Sam and Liam. It was so sunny but totally freezing! We had a great time though, Sam's favorite was the train of course. Liam stared for a long time at the monkeys!
Sam really enjoyed watching Claire dance and kept making little waves towards her. I was glad we were able to have such a fun day! She comes to the front in the second part and is second from the right. She is amazing! I wish I had her talent!

The boys were also introduced to the giant trampoline! Our Nephew Kanyon had a birthday while we were there and we went to enjoy cupcakes and presents with him. Sam went immediately for the Tramp. Which made me insanely nervous. Luckily they have one of the big nets around. But still I hung out and played crack the egg and the game in the video that is apparently the new thing in Trampoline games. (press the play button to view) It was fun spending time with the nieces and nephews it seems like I haven't been able to since Sam and Liam have come and I miss listening to their hilarious conversations.

Today Sam and Liam woke up at 6:30 am.. yeah thanks a lot guys. My good friend Christa had stopped by the night before and we had stayed up talking until a little after eleven. My tummy of course hurt from laughing as it always does when I hang out with her and Kerstin! So this morning I was pretty groggy, and apparently so was Sam. We made cupcakes for his birthday, hence the ginormous whiper and then took a long bath. This is him in Chris's parents office at a little after ten o'clock! Haaaa! Now if only I could get lemers to sleep!
We also took in my Nephew Simeons lacrosse game which was great-- freezing but great!
This is my nephew Aiden. He is rediculously cute and shares Sams bond of loving trains when he was little. He recently begged his mom for a mohawk... she obligied and after it was done he cried and said "I look like Uncle Chris!" Apparently he wanted a Faux Hawk like his nephew Cooper. Well it will be fun till it grows out!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Things Utah

So we came home to Utah to visit while poor Chris took finals and wrote papers. Something about two weeks of no husband was not appealing. Luckily Cori and Simeon were visiting Glen so I piggybacked on home with them on their flight. Sam absolutely adores Simeon so it was great! The night before we left Simi was rough housing with him-- sam loves to rough house (look out Liam) In playing around Simi threw a blanket over him and sam just kept on running right into the wall. Things like that shouldn't be funny as a parent, but they just are-- and he was fine. The flight was a miracle. We got an entire row to ourselves so it was just Liam and Sam and I sprawled across three seats. It was Jet blue so all three TVs were on cartoons, and get this we landed 45 mins early! Does that ever happen! Since then we have been having a WONDERFUL time with family. My little sister is a dream and it is like having a nanny! I now have a taste of what it would be like and I love it. Not to take over but just be a second pair of hands. Sam has loved playing with his cousins and I have used Claire as my personal shopper to help me get a little back into fashion. Unfortunately Liam was not feeling well today and pulling on his ear a bunch so we took him to Sams old pediatrician. They don't really know what is wrong but think it might be Roseloa and I have to watch for a rash! Sam was miserable when he had it so that's awesome... poor little guy. He is such a happy easy baby. I get so flustered when he is upset-- it makes me feel so silly! :) I will have to add some cute pictures later for now it is off to bed!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A day at the Beach...

Friday was gorgeous so we decided to head to the beach. Poor Chris had to study so I took the boys and met Elizabeth, Brandon and Atticus. Sam had a blast playing with the sand--- usually with other children's toys-- and only threw sand at Atticus a few times, we're still working on that one. Liam chilled under the umbrella and mouthed to death anything he could get his hands on. I feel bad though because while I did a pretty good job slathering sunscreen on Sam and Liam repeatedly through out the day I apparently missed one circle on Sam's shoulder so he got burned. It has already healed, but I hate the idea of my two year old already having sun damage. Today was a nice relaxing Saturday filled with much napping and plenty of playing. We attempted a second take at Family pictures as it is much warmer and less windy! I will post them as soon as we get the results which I am so excited for! Then we met our good friends the Grady's at Busch Gardens where we took Sam on a lot of rides... including the battering ram. This gave me an absolute heart attack. Leslie and I stayed with Liam who had passed out in the stroller while Chris and Kevin took Sam on-- and sat much higher than I would have liked. At first it was nice and went back and forth but then it went SOOOO HIGH! I seriously started freaking out-- of course not enough to not take pictures-- but I was literally sick to my stomach thinking he would be terrified and he was mildly. He loved the first part but clung to Chris as it got higher and higher. (Chris is in the yellow shirt with Sam next to him)The highlight of the night for Sam was of course seeing "Thomas" the blue train that takes you around the park(he is behind us in teh picture below but it is to dark to tell), the highlight for mom and dad-- getting the third from first parking spot in the entire park! It was AWESOME!! I know-- it truly is the little things in life! Have I mentioned how much I love my little family. I am just crazy about my boys-- big and little!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This is a private party

So I have been thinking about going private for a while and after reading that our good buddies the Tillmanns are also headed that way I thought I might as well bite the bullet. Plus I know once Kristen comes and visits and tells me all the scary stories I will be sick to my stomach that I didn't do so before hand. PLEASE send me your email so I can send an invite. I LOVE having lots of comments and letting people stay caught up, I just don't want any creeps catching a glimpse of my gorgeous boys! Great now I am going to have nightmares...

Monday, April 7, 2008

I found a new love

So as if I didn't already have enough on my plate I have fallen in love with blog background creation! Tonight my sister in law Robyn allowed me to 'pimp' her blog and I had the time of my life! (you can click on Robyn's blog under friends to see the results) I am sure Chris is going to throw my computer out the window after spending so much time, ordering fabric for my store and now doing this. I am just addicted to how cute you can make things! So if any of you would like to have a blog makeover let me know!

Speaking of cute, Chris gave Sam his first serious haircut this weekend. He needed it so bad as you can see in recent pictures but I was terrified he would look like he had no hair. While Chris was buzzing it I dissolved to tears and told Chris that now Sam looked like a leukemia patient. I scooped up the huge amounts of hair and put them in an envelope (I told Chris it was in case we ever needed to clone Sam... who wouldn't want a Sam of their own?) Of course this was at the midway point and once it was all done it looked great. Chris calls it the Cesar. Sam now looks ridiculously old and he and Liam look even more alike. Now that Liam is sitting they take baths together... this can be fun and terrible. Tonight Sam decided to wack Liam in the head with the plastic bucket we keep all the toys in-- thus landing him soaking wet and nakey in time out. Most of the time though it is really fun and Sam shows Liam how to blow bubbles and drink "gwos" water. Charming.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good Eye Good Eye

So being the crazy person I am and LOVING family pictures I yet again attempted to get some family pictures I love. Our awesome friend Elizabeth, who has an amazing eye for photography, got up super early this morning and brought her darling little boy Atticus to Yorktown beach to snap some shots. I knew it was going to be coldish thanks to the weather report. What I didn't count on was the five hundred mile an hour wind!! Hello! So poor Elizabeth had to try and get some good shots in with both boys freezing and the wind blowing my hair EVER which way. Thankfully she is patient enough that we will probably take some again when it is not windy. But I was SO impressed with the shots she did get in such horrific conditions. Some of them follow:

So we have been spoiling Liam (I more specifically) and waking up with him whenever he does at night, usually only once, ever since he was really sick. Well I have grown weary of this and decided that tonight it was over. So I put Liam in the crib (yes Sam's precious crib) and spent the rest of the evening hyping Sam's big boy bed. I showed him his name on the wall and got out his Thomas Blankey and pillow, we read stories and said prayers and then I gave him his teddy bear and milk and laid down next to him. I thought he would poke my eyes or try and talk to me but it was as if I wasn't there! I watched him as he tried to give his teddy bear a drink of his milk (so ridiculously cute!) then found his corner of his blanket and rubbed it saying choo choo. Then drifted off to sleep!!! I couldn't believe it! Sam is in his big boy bed!!! Well see if we can keep it up. Next on the chopping block-- the binky!