Friday, May 29, 2009

Going Wild

Sam is not a huge fan of characters. It is kinda of like when he chases a squirrel at Colonial Williamsburg who is really used to people so it doesn't run away-- he didn't think he would actually catch it so panic sets in once he gets close. He loved looking at the characters, from a distance. After a great long day at the Magic Kingdom (Not Disney world as I REPEATEDLY referred to it as, that is the term for the collective parks apparently), we got up a little later and headed to the Animal Kingdom. This is a VERY different experience. I didn't really know what to expect and I still don't really know how to describe it. I guess a zoo with rides? Except there aren't really "inclosure's" or specific animal areas... I dunno it is an anomaly. Whatever it is we thoroughly enjoyed it. There are lots of amazing shows including a Lion King bonanza and Liam's favorite Finding Nemo. Personally my favorite part was the Safari Ride. Much to Christopher's dismay I insisted on joining them on this Jeep ride even though there are signs "suggesting" pregnant mothers not ride. Hello I have been on WAY bumpier roads in VA, they are totally just avoiding law suits with that one. It was amazing seeing the animals so close up. We actually had to pause to allow a mama Giraffe and her baby cross the path! Sam had fun sitting on my lap gazing out the window, but Liam was absolutely in heaven. He is crazy about animals so this was his version of a Train Yard. He kept shrieking and pointing and making animal noises, some accurate some not (apparently the hippo moo's). After the safari we wandered through the forest and saw some pretty cool fish. Along the path they had little encampments with different smaller animals and exhibits for the kids to touch. I am pretty proud of this picture because I am actually holding Sam up with my leg and taking the picture! Yeah I know super cool of me. We got to ride a really cool old train around a loop which of course triggered a nice tantrum from Sam when he refused to get off.

One of my favorite things that happened that day though was when Chris, Jan and Rick all headed off to ride Everest (the newest big ride). I got myself in line with the boys to get some soft serve. It was crazy hot and both boys are dying to get their ice cream and the line is LONG. I had been leaning on the back of the stroller sort of hunched over eavesdropping on a huge school group standing in line in front of me. I stood up to stretch and one of their leaders gasps. I literally thought my shirt had come up or something and I was flashing people. "Girl! Are you pregnant!" I thought oh great here comes the, are you crazy? how close in age are they.... yadda yaddda. I smiled and said "Yup!" Instead she replied by saying "Sweet heart you come over and sit in the shade right here and we'll wait in line for you. It is way to hot for your little body and those cute boys." She then proceeded to glare at two gentlemen who were taking up a huge bench until they moved and made me space. She then stood in line for me until she was next, called me up and made it known to all those behind me that this was my spot and not to give me any trouble! I was awe struck and the ice cream could not have tasted sweeter! This is my replenished smile in front of the tree of life after being able to chill in the shade and down a HUGE ice cream! Thank you kind stranger.
Unlike the other parks Animal Kingdom closes at Five o'clock so we were able to get home and fit in a swim after dinner. Afterwards Jan and I headed to the grocery store with Sam to pick up a few items. While we were gone Chris and his dad hung out in the living room catching up. Liam had been playing around and then hopped up into one of the big chairs. Chris looked over after a few mins and this is what he found:
Which is pretty funny since Sam fell asleep in the car and was snoring before we even made it to the grocery store! These parks really wear the kids out!


Garity said...

Playign catch up on your blog...what fun and fantastic pictures! Congrats on the anniversary too!