Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hair Cuts and Shoes

We are getting all ready for Italy and Egypt. Thinking about seeing family for the first time in 8 months made me think about how the boys are lookin'. They received the WORST hair cuts a while back and it has grown out into ridiculously wild weird hair. Chris's fond memories of his childhood "Summer Sheerings" always win me over and I have hair cut amnesia of how much I dislike super short hair on my boys. This is Sammy with his long locks just before being shorn

This is Lemers waiting for his turn
This is Sammy during. He looks almost as concerned as I did
I about had a heart attack when I saw how much hair was in the sink and that was only at the half way point
This is Sam post cut
Needless to say I put my foot down and Liam's hair will not be cut until we actually get to Rome. Sam told me today when I picked him up from school that he wanted his long hair back like Liam. I told him we would grow it back out and he asked when will that happen. Poor little guy. It is a ton cooler though! Bright side, think bright side ha! We also received amazing mail today. I received my shoes for the vaca. One of the more minial bummers about living away from family is that my shoe collection is dramatically impaired. With out Felicity's hand me downs I am stranded. Well everyone here wears Birks (Gizah style) and I decided to jump on the bandwagon and I LOVE them. I forgot how comfy they are! Abby also got new shoes. She got three pairs of roman sandal type shoes and a pair of gold Havianas. She is a HUGE shoe girl (I think she gets it from her Aunt Felicity) she was literally shaking and huffing and puffing when she saw the shoes. We had to sit and try each one on and then she would do a lap around the living room, come back, sit down and try another pair. Once she decided which pair to stick with she went and put them in our shoe basket. It is crazy how fast kiddos feet grow! We also cannot for the life of us find Sammy's Keens which were his school shoes and worked wonderfully because they could get wet and were sturdy enough to run around in. I have looked everywhere and know they will show up when we pack to move ha! We are getting soooo excited for our trip, is it to early to start packing? I bet my mom says nope start right now!


Jan said...

Sammy, I like your haircut!! It will feel so good in Rome because it is pretty hot here every day. I can't wait to see you and read you a story. I have a good Italian book to read to you. And I have fruit loops and granola bars ready for you too. Par-tee Par-tee! I love you, Grandma Jan