Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We have a HOUSE!!

Well it is getting there at least! Katie was kind enough to send us some photographic updates on our house and I am jumping out of my seat I am so excited. Although when I think about the fact that we will not be living in it anytime soon I get pretty sad. So this is the front of the house.

It is a duplex and when seeing it next to the smaller one I am sooo glad we went with the larger one. This is the side view. I LOVE how many windows there are. If I had my way there would be even more but something about structurally unsound...
And this is the back.
Which leads out to our cute little garage.
There is just enough of a yard to put in a giant trampoline ha! We don't have to worry about a swing set because the park is directly across from our front door, ah heaven! Then there are all the walking trails that lead to Colonial Williamsburg and, well, I just think it is the perfect place. Now, does anyone know a GOOD family in Williamsburg that needs and amazing four bedroom place? :)


Patty Girl said...

I kinda forgot that you are building a house. It is already stressful enough to go through that process, I can't imagine being a world away while it is happening. It looks super cool though! Congrats on the future house!