Friday, February 4, 2011

We have been busy....

I feel awful for not updating the blog in so long, but what can I say, things have been crazy busy around here. Lemers, who has up until now been attending his cute little Dili Sprouts school 3 days a week was dubbed to advanced for it and has started attending the morning class at QSI (Sam's school) This means I am driving around Dili ALOT. He is loving it though which makes it totallyworth it! Abby, who hadn't broken a tooth for months upon months suddenly broke two molars and has two more coming in. Lets just say our little "princess" is being a royal grump lately :) Sammy is as social as ever and had me run raged this week with several play dates everyday. Chris has been working lots of overtime after the Staffdel visit and gearing up for a Congressional Visit. We are set to receive our bid list next Friday (we had a false start last week). We are both freaking out with excitement to find out where we are going next. In fun Dili news last weekend there was a bike/run race. Several of my girlfriends who are gearing up for the Tour De Timor this year entered. While they raced Chris and I wrangled all the cuties! We wanted to take them down to see their parents race. This ended up being hilarious because of course the road was closed so we had to figure out how to get everyone to the finish line.

We broke out the wagon, two strollers and the ergo (that is out friend Susan in the pic who is expecting her first baby soon!) Along the way we got to cheer on the mommies that ran past. Jeanne had taken a little tumble on her bike and was very happy to see Tiavan.
Sammy, Roman and Noah decided they wanted to get in on the racing action. Liam decided about a minute later to join them and it was so cute to watch him try and catch up.
We waited at the finish line with our poster for Amanda's parents
Roman, Noah and Mace's mommy Krista came in second!
Amanda's Mommy Meredith came in third:
They really liked the poster the boys made for them
Jeanne came in fourth and was so fun to watch
Tiavan was so worried about her and kept asking where she was.
Abby spent the entire time chillin in the stroller and eating snacks.
We have been wanting to get pictures of the boys we some of the UN police that abound here in Timor, you know so when they grow up we can say "look you totally lived in a place patrolled by the UN"
They are always so nice and handed me their cameras to take pictures :) The race went right past the presidents house which has guards who are a bit more serious... and way better armed.
On the home front there has been a baby gecko living in Liam's bed net. We don't mind so much as they eat mosquitoes and Liam thinks it is pretty cool :)
We have been LOVING our new playground and Abby is anxiously awaiting her baby swing.


Leonora Ballantyne said...

yay! so great to hear an update on your awesomeness. ps are we still up for a trip out there this spring/summer?! xoxo

Robyn Reynolds said...

Your boys looke like twins! Liam looks so old. I can't wait to see you guys on our cruise. Abby looks so much like you. She is so old too. It's sad not seeing them grow up :( Hopefully you go somewhere I can fly next.

Jan said...

Love the post Kelly! The run looks fun. Lucky Liam to have a Ghecko for a bedmate. Nice shots with the security.

Patty Girl said...

Those soldiers with guns look a little out of control! Wow!

You guys have been so busy. Dili looks amazing and beautiful. It looks like there is a small but close knit community of ex-paters. That seems really cool. I am still anxiously awaiting (as I am sure you are) where you are going next!
P.S. The gecko friend is awesome. I'm sure any boy would love that!

Patty Girl said...
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