Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Things Utah

So we came home to Utah to visit while poor Chris took finals and wrote papers. Something about two weeks of no husband was not appealing. Luckily Cori and Simeon were visiting Glen so I piggybacked on home with them on their flight. Sam absolutely adores Simeon so it was great! The night before we left Simi was rough housing with him-- sam loves to rough house (look out Liam) In playing around Simi threw a blanket over him and sam just kept on running right into the wall. Things like that shouldn't be funny as a parent, but they just are-- and he was fine. The flight was a miracle. We got an entire row to ourselves so it was just Liam and Sam and I sprawled across three seats. It was Jet blue so all three TVs were on cartoons, and get this we landed 45 mins early! Does that ever happen! Since then we have been having a WONDERFUL time with family. My little sister is a dream and it is like having a nanny! I now have a taste of what it would be like and I love it. Not to take over but just be a second pair of hands. Sam has loved playing with his cousins and I have used Claire as my personal shopper to help me get a little back into fashion. Unfortunately Liam was not feeling well today and pulling on his ear a bunch so we took him to Sams old pediatrician. They don't really know what is wrong but think it might be Roseloa and I have to watch for a rash! Sam was miserable when he had it so that's awesome... poor little guy. He is such a happy easy baby. I get so flustered when he is upset-- it makes me feel so silly! :) I will have to add some cute pictures later for now it is off to bed!


Tillmann Fam said...

Glad you're having fun in Utah! That's so nice you had such a great flight. I can't imagine flying with two, one is hard enough for me!! I would love if you could pick me up another bag, mine is already getting pretty thrashed. I can't believe I payed like $70 for it! Also, if you could possibly pick one up for my brother, that would be great. Either color would be great. Thanks a ton! Enjoy your trip!!

Tillmann Fam said...

Also, what kind of jeans did you end up ordering off of ebay? Do you like them? I figure since I can't fit into any of my old jeans, I might as well invest in some cute ones!!

Anonymous said...

i love your new background! where did you find it?