Saturday, April 26, 2008

Week in pictures

So I think I am simply going to change my slide show because there are way to many cute pictures! These are some of my favorites though. The ones of both boys were taken at the tulip festival at Thanksgiving point (thank you Elizabeth for the flower idea!). Heaven forbid sam let go of his trains!

As I had previously posted having my little sister around is like having the best nanny ever. She made an amazing train track out of chalk on my parents back patio and Sam LOVED it! Liam loved the swing!Although I don't have a picture Sam had a blast going to the aquarium. It is just a preview of the one they are going to build downtown but it was still fun! He and Liam have also discovered how fun it is to take a bath in a huge bath tub! Sam calls these Bubble Hats, I get a bubble beard everynight though no wonder my chin is breaknig out! I think he wants me to look a little more like his daddy since he misses him so much. Seriously though could Liam get any cuter!
While playing out front the ice cream man came past ( he must have been selling drugs because it was like 45 degrees) nonetheless Sam got his first ice cream from a truck :) and wasn't violently ill after! Woo hoo! My little sister was performing Irish Dance up at the zoo with her group so I thought it would be a perfect day to take Sam and Liam. It was so sunny but totally freezing! We had a great time though, Sam's favorite was the train of course. Liam stared for a long time at the monkeys!
Sam really enjoyed watching Claire dance and kept making little waves towards her. I was glad we were able to have such a fun day! She comes to the front in the second part and is second from the right. She is amazing! I wish I had her talent!

The boys were also introduced to the giant trampoline! Our Nephew Kanyon had a birthday while we were there and we went to enjoy cupcakes and presents with him. Sam went immediately for the Tramp. Which made me insanely nervous. Luckily they have one of the big nets around. But still I hung out and played crack the egg and the game in the video that is apparently the new thing in Trampoline games. (press the play button to view) It was fun spending time with the nieces and nephews it seems like I haven't been able to since Sam and Liam have come and I miss listening to their hilarious conversations.

Today Sam and Liam woke up at 6:30 am.. yeah thanks a lot guys. My good friend Christa had stopped by the night before and we had stayed up talking until a little after eleven. My tummy of course hurt from laughing as it always does when I hang out with her and Kerstin! So this morning I was pretty groggy, and apparently so was Sam. We made cupcakes for his birthday, hence the ginormous whiper and then took a long bath. This is him in Chris's parents office at a little after ten o'clock! Haaaa! Now if only I could get lemers to sleep!
We also took in my Nephew Simeons lacrosse game which was great-- freezing but great!
This is my nephew Aiden. He is rediculously cute and shares Sams bond of loving trains when he was little. He recently begged his mom for a mohawk... she obligied and after it was done he cried and said "I look like Uncle Chris!" Apparently he wanted a Faux Hawk like his nephew Cooper. Well it will be fun till it grows out!


Elizabeth Moon said...

Great post Kelly! It looks like you are having so much fun. Love the new blog look, by the way.

Robyn Reynolds said...

Man those are some cute kids! I am so glad you came and that we were able to spend time together!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your comments to Kristin! You are such a good friend to her! Your little sister is a cutie!