Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vaca to Celeveland

We have been out of town for the past little bit visiting our friends the Tillmanns in Cleveland. Sam was soooooo excited to visit Lucy and it did not disappoint. Of course we left a few items there including one of my cameras memory cards (soooo typical of me, Chris bought me an extra just to keep in my camera bag because I always leave it in the computer.) So I don;t have a lot of the fun pictures that we took while there. I do how ever have the pics of when we took the kids to the Rain forest at the Zoo. This was soooo cool! I thought it would mainly be plants and butterflies etc. But it was practically a whole other zoo. The kids loved how open the enclosures were and having birds fly all around them. The animals were very active which made for a great show. They got to see a huge alligator swim right along the glass next to them. Liam of course sat and growled at him for a long time. Then we saw the baby orangutans. One came right over to Sam and Liam and played peeka boo. It was so great! The mom sat in the background with this face the entire time. I thought to myself yup that's about how I would feel if I had a ton of baby monkeys to look after all day with everyone gawking at me. Liam found himself to be a gorgeous exhibit and I snapped this picture that I think is so funny. I have no idea if he is making that squishy face at the animals or at his reflection! It was a really wonderful vacation. I have lots more pics of Lucy's birthday and general craziness and will post them later.


Gratitude said...

awww...i was so jealous...
looks like A WHOLE LOT of fun!
good for you guys!
i know i am dying to have the warm weather, can you imagine? i spent the 26 yrs of my life in tropical place..waaa!
but i think this winter wasn't really bad, though 3 months seems like 3 hundred yrs..hahah.

Your two beautiful boys are just so gorgeous! i mean, seriously,
they are soooooo cute and sooo adorable :)

Janet Crawford said...

Cute as everrrrr Kelly! Love the swim ahh wading ahhhh tiny pool with warm water. Youi are the best.