Thursday, February 26, 2009

When it is even a little warm

I am a HUGE outdoors person. If I don't leave the house at least once in a day I tend to freak out. Today it was about 65 degrees which in my mind means SUMMER!!! Okay so it really isn't THAT warm but I was so excited. I knew the boys would want to get out as much as I did so I planned lots of outdoor stuff today, washing the car, cleaning the yard etc. After lunch I decided to go all out and fill our empty sand box with hot water from the sink and let the boys splash around. I tried to get Sam to keep his shirt on for some warmth but he informed me he didn't want it to get "Alllllll wet." The boys had a blast playing with their buckets and shovels. Liam took it very seriously trying to fill his bucket up to the brim. When I threw in their toy sharks it got crazy, lots of shark attacks for one little pool. After about 45 Min's Sam told me he was cold and it was time for a bath then nap time. Talk about nice when your child informs you they want a nap! Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer which only means one thing-- THE BEACH!!!!


Patty Girl said...

It does look like such nice weather! I am ready spring for sure. Your boys are looking so grown up in this post for some reason. Especially Liam, his is like a little boy now!

Robyn Reynolds said...

It snowed here today and I wanted to cry. I love going on walks outside with Ava. That looks like so much fun. I miss you guys.

Robyn Reynolds said...

Seriously I feel the same about that movie making me see that I need to do more for those poor kids. I told Jeff that one day I would love to help build Orphanages or help schools and adopt a child who needs us. I get so into movies and this one made me so sad that I thought I have to do something. You guys need to move back by the way. Just a suggestion but I think a very good one.