Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It will all be over soon-- is what I keep telling myself

So there will be no pictures on this particular post. Why? Oh just because the external hard drive I received for mothers day which holds every picture I own (including the photoshoot I did this weekend for my NINE nieces) sounds like a weed whacker when I turn it on. I can literally hear it chewing up every pictorial memory I have ever made. It has been that kind of few weeks. I swear when Chris leaves he takes all of my calm and any smidgen of Irish luck I might posses that wasn't already cancelled out by "Murphy's Law". (I am a Murphy twice over-- it is also my moms maiden name). Things keep falling on me, cereal box's, ginormous double strollers which for some reason have a vendetta and fall out of the car first onto my legs then slam onto my feet. Oh and I have been falling. Last week I heard Sam torturing Liam and Lemers doing that primal scream when you know he is REALLY hurt. I was unloading the dish washer in the kitchen and spun around running to the office fully expecting a TV to be ontop of someone. I was wearing my way to big silk PJS which went right under my right foot taking out my left foot causing me to SLAM onto the wood floor and slide with surprising strength into the wall--- yeah this was when I was 37 weeks pregnant. I of course start sobbing from pain and fear of loosing a baby I had at that point carried for 37 weeks. Sam and Liam both stared wide eyed as I pulled my bloody knee up and continued to cry. It must be traumatic to be little and see your mommy crying. After calling my wonderful Labor and delivery sister in law and drinking literally a gallon of orange juice, buying a fetal heart monitor and establishing she was still there and kicking I was able to calm down and return to the fantastic life that is chasing around two toddlers 38.5 weeks pregnant Sans husband. Thank goodness for helpful moms, mother in laws, sisters, sister in laws and strangers who think they are sooo helpful in offering their plethora of advice or comments like "You look miserable", "You look like you are going to explode!" Okay those last people are not actually helpful just annoying :)


Nora said...

dear kelly:
i wish i were there to make you laugh and help out.
you are amazing, you can DO IT. i'm rooting for you, and i think about you all the time. sending lots of prayers your way.
also, i love you.
ps: i think our husbands miss us, but at least they've got each other, right? HA HA HA. also, i think they're having fun together. at least, as much fun as you can have studying for the biggest exam EVER. love you.

The Grady's said...

oh my gosh! I am so glad that you are okay! You are such a strong woman, Kelly, and I know that if anyone can get through this, you can! You are such an example to me. Seriously, I wish I were there to grab the boys and take them out while you grab some much needed peace and quiet! You're going to make it!

Garity said...

I am so there with you. I could never have done it without my mom and sister while Kris was stuck in Mexico! They don't make the time go any faster but they do take the edge off! Bronwyn has since made up for causing such agony and your bundle will do the same I promise! (and yes I wanted to kick the person in the head who told me the same thing when I was 40 weeks and still pregnant...hmmm, I think that was Sherry in fact, so feel free to think the same about me! I'm glad to be out of kicking range ha ha.)

Patty Girl said...

Holy cow! My heart totally goes out to you! You are amazing to be blogging and surviving with so much on your plate. And you are right, it will all be over soon. Then you will have a sweet little baby girl! You can do it!