Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What is most fun is...

The completely unnecessary yet completely wonderful aspects of having a girl:
Ruffle Bums
fancy little eye masks
Tiny bracelets
Big bows for your wipe container (thank you kelly elaine!)
its fun to have a girl :)
I do so love my boys though... even if they do ruin all their clothes with Popsicles or as Liam calls them "helows" (no idea on that one).
When I photoshoped this photo I was startled by how much Liam looked like the Joker :) so cute but a little creepy.


Heidi said...

oh, my little girl's clothes are ruined by berries and chocolate milk! I think i need to just get them naked before eating..however Maes is 5 and we are trying to teach her to be more modest.

Garity said...

Oh yes, the ruffled bums...I'm all over that one! Isn't it fun having a girl after our boys!?!?! I just ordered a crochet pattern book (like I need another crochet book) for baby girls that has darling little hats like what yours is wearing and I plan on making several for Bronwyn since I'm not into the whole headband/flower look. I love how cute your little angel looks in the hat!