Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Making Christmas Happen

We have been having a very busy and very fun December. It started out with the school Christmas performance. Sammy's class and the morning class sang their song "Making Christmas happen".

They used their recycled "creation" hammers as props.
Sammy's was made out of a water bottle and empty yogurt tubs.
I thought his face make up was adorable
We also got to have breakfast with Santa at the embassy! The kids were so excited and nervous all at once. They decided to all hold hands on the way in.
Abby LOVED her eggies and muffins
I have decided it is impossible to get a good picture of kids when there is more then three ha!
Addie had on the cutest little smocked Christmas dress.
It was hard not to let the kiddos plow through the candy.
Liam liked the snowmen decorations
and of course his daddy
When we had finished eating the guest of honor came out!
Sammy was so excited I loved it!
The local kiddos were just as in awe
He couldn't stop clapping and laughing
Santa asked who had been good this year and the boys shot their hands up
Then Santa started pulling out the gifts. Liam walked right up when his name was called
Sammy was excited but just a tinsy bit nervous
Abby was terrified and screamed the second she was put near him.
There is always one and this time it was ours ;)
Liam couldn't wait to open his and was pretty excited
Adrienne was pretty darn excited herself
Everyone was teasing me about how cheeser my kids are and how you can totally tell their mom is a photographer
The local kids were so wonderfully patient and none of them opened their presents. They all took them home. I was so impressed! Right after we took the boys to get their hair cuts. This is how cool Timor is, at the Thai food restaurant you can get yummy food, a hair cut a message and anything else you might like. The boys had so much fun on their rubber donkeys
Sammy named his "hehaw, because he says hehaw" of course. Abby really loved the other one but was MAD when I made her turn around for a picture.
I tried to talk Chris into getting them one for Christmas but it was a no go :) They did get pretty spoiled. But that will have to wait for another post :)


Katie said...

Violet and Abby are both Santa criers. It's cool to see how you all spent Christmas. We have played on those donkeys before and the kids loved them and Troy was a no go on them too.

Chow said...

SO fun! The kiddos are getting so big and they are so adorable!

Patty Girl said...

Looks like so much fun but I can't wait to see your Christmas morning!
I wish I could get me hair cut and eat yummy food at the same time. Timor sounds awesome!

Jan said...

Kelly, So adorable! Thanks so much for posting these. Your kids are so good at taking pictures and then they are so cute (not that I am prejudiced as their Grandma). Abby is just at that stranger danger age. They all do that at her age and maybe next year too. It's OK -She is still so cute in her pictures. But maybe just a tad emotional- such a girl.