Thursday, December 9, 2010

Riding Elephants and mopeds

Luckily our villa came with a daily driver but with traffic as bottle necked as it is it took 40 minutes just to get to the beach. Our solution? Rent two mopeds and pile on!

I actually decided for Chris to make two runs. The boys LOVED the moped and begged for rides.
Abby loved the helmet.
What was great about them was we could take the tiny backroads only mopeds can fit on, through gorgeous rice paddies right to the beach. The beach by the villa was deserted when we got there and we found out why.
There is an old women sitting under a palapa who the locals bring their babies too when they are 3 months old. She touches their feet to the sand for the first time. I thought it was such a cool thing.
Thats not the only thing the kiddos got to ride, ELEPHANTS!
Abby and I skipped it this time but the boys had a blast. Clark and Andrews elephant was named Andrew which they got a kick out of. Sam and Liam were bummed that theirs was a girl because they wanted one with tusks.
Liam was a tiny but scared when they went in the water
Mom was a little worried when the elephant balanced on a piling
Afterwards we got to go up to their alarming petting zoo. They had baby orangoutangs in diapers that I wouldn't let the boys near. Before I could stop them there was a snack around Liam's neck
Abby kept her distance from all the monkeys in aviary type cages
It was so much fun seeing all the kids become friends. Even Abby and Audrey dug each other... well until Abby would poke her eyes and try to hug her
Sam has already asked to go back to Bali, then he changed it to Clark and Andrew coming to visit him, we'll have to see, maybe there will be a trip to Jakarta in the spring :)


Jan said...

WOW!! Your villa in Bali was incredible!.! Love the moped riding. Why WAS the beach by your villa deserted? Abby is so adorable with the helmet. And the boys (all 3) are as cute as can be. I'm glad you got to do some fabric and lace shopping in Jakarta, Kelly. Looked fun. Have fun designing!

kesli said...

I want to come have Thanksgiving with you guys next year. How amazing!! Looks like you had a great time.

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