Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beach to Blizzard

Late last week we took advantage of the awesome weather and met my friend Nora and "baby Samuel" (as our family refers to him as) at Yorktown beach. Sam made a friend and had fun throwing "treasure" into the water yelling "Arrrrrr!" every now and then for good measure. Liam is a little hesitant of the sand but loved all the little puppies that were running around. I made Chris take a picture of Nora and I because I felt like our outfits screamed spring!! (you can see Nora's gorgeous skirt better in the first pic) After the beach poor daddy had to go to school and I for some unknown reason was bitten by the "Oh my gosh we are moving in a few months and I am going to be super ridiculously pregnant when we do so I better start packing now" bug (bet you never heard of that one). So I started with our hall closest which has become the bain of my existence. We only have one non-clothes closet in our entire house-- ONE!!! So everything gets shoved in there, which in turn makes getting the vacuum out a virtual war with the random items that all seem to fall on my head. I took out the four rolls of Christmas wrapping paper I had left over from two Christmas's ago and threw them towards our front door with the intention of them eventually making it to the dumpster. I underestimated Liam's interest in what I was doing though and soon all of the paper was off of the rolls and into our hall way where he went to town, eating, ripping and eventually coloring on all of it with Sam. At least it was used somehow I guess.

Train Show!!!
On Saturday Chris and I drove the boys down to a train show at the convention center in VA Beach. The original idea was for Chris and Sam to go by themselves but at the last min we decided to make it a family event--- that turned out to be a BAD idea. First off "train show" is a loose term it should have advertised "900 booths selling trains event-- oh and a few fun trains set ups" So we essentially paid 7 bucks each to come a huge store where Sam wanted to buy everything and Liam wanted to touch everything and the people selling things were old grumpy men with big signs that say "DO NOT TOUCH!"-- awesome. After about 30 Min's, if that, Liam had a full on meltdown. I had to drag him out of the show and through the convention center with him trading off screaming and biting me. It was fabulous. So we sat in the car watching Lilo and Stich while Sam got a little while to enjoy himself. He took being the conductor very seriously and loved pulling the cable to blow the whistle! On the way home we stopped and got the boys Pizza for lunch. Apparently this put them in a REALLY good mood because they had a serious attack of the giggles, which was a shocking follow up to the worlds biggest temper tantrum. Chris got a ton of adorable pics but these are some of my favs:

What the HUH!?!?
Monday I got to sleep in (thank you Chris!) and when I came down I looked out our back window and got quite the surprise. Hello tons of snow! Williamsburg does NOT usually get snow, let alone THIS much snow. Christopher's school was actually cancelled (I know all my family in UT is thinking what for that small dusting!) Chris had mentioned that it might snow but I was not expecting this, as is obvious by the fact that the hose is STILL in the "pool" which was not even emptied from our day basking in the sun!! Sam our snow bunny had fun tromping around in the backyard kicking snow off his castle and breaking the ice in the water. Liam stuck literally one toe out the door and came back inside. He decided his time was better spent being a little punch drunk knight for the day! (Strange things happen when you are stuck at home ALL day with each other :))
Don't worry this weekend will be 72 again! Talk about mood swings :)
Have you ever thought about "modifications" you would make if you could on yourself. This week I have decided that if I could get some sort of freaky science fictiony thing done I would get cameras placed in my eyes. There have been more times that I have witnessed something heartbreakingly cute this week then ever before and of course I didn't have my camera right there and ready to snap away. It would be very useful if I could just think CLICK and PRINT and there it was... I know weird and random but would be so convenient!


Kerstin said...

You should remember camera eyes when you are making your Harry potter world. That would be pretty cool...

Robyn Reynolds said...

So where are you moving? I am so behind always. Please say Utah!!! That would be super!!