Sunday, May 3, 2009


(For some reason this photo looks like it was taken years ago, and don't mind my man hands either.) This week we headed up for one last visit to Cleveland before our awesome friends the Tillman's pack up and move back to UT to cure the state of any dental woes. It was funny thinking we will probably never return to Cleveland-- with the exception of our friends I really do not think the city "rocks" as the song claims. We always have a hilarious time though and I leave with a very sore tummy from laughing so much. Last time we visited Chris decided that he really wanted to go see Niagara falls. It is a few hours drive and I had never been to Canada. Unfortunately our neighbors to the north now require a passport and birth certificates for kids, none of which we had. This time we came prepared and after a day of goofing around we caravaned up to Canada. The kids were good sports and except for almost hitting a raccoon (the guys, who were driving together, waited to see us roll the Tillman's SUV to avoid, thankfully the thing was walking like a sloth) we got there in one piece. Let me tell you it was NOT what I expected AT ALL. I thought it would be really national parky with picnic tables and some cabins and lots of people in campers. We roll in and the kids are yelling "let us out and play!!" as they see all the Vegas lights and huge Ferris wheel. It was crazy! I spotted the falls for a second but then they were out of view until the morning when we took the kids swimming. The pool was okay, Sam swam a little... Liam spent his time eating a ginormous apple. The view however was amazing! I have to admit though that I was thinking "pretty cool but was it worth the drive?" After drying off we headed down and bought our tickets for the Maid of the Mist. Sam was pretty excited to go on a boat. Liam on the other hand was grumpy and tired. As we boarded they handed us these huge ponchos and I debated on whether or not to put it on thinking there was no way we would get THAT wet. Sam loved his and skipped his way to the boat. Heading out we were able to take some nice dry pictures.

We even got a rare entire group shot! (see Liam? yeah NOT a happy camper). There are really two sets of Falls and as we approached the first Lucy and Reese retreated to their stroller, and Chris and Liam scooted back a little to avoid the light spray. Sam got a little nervous but nothing bad, he just hid his head a little while looking over the railing. Then we approached the main falls. If I ever wondered what it would be like to be a newscaster in the middle of a hurricane I wonder no more! It was CRAZY!!!! I cannot believe how close they take you to the falls. I thought for sure the boat was going to get sucked right under. By this time all the kids are hidding in the stroller (Liam is ASLEEP!!!!) and us adults are dying laughing at the sheer power and how soaked we are all getting. Over the roar we hear the announcer yell "THIS IS NIAGARA!!!' I was thinking um yeah just don't kill us! I had to chase after my hat twice until I finally cinched up my poncho with just my nose hanging out.
As we retreated the kids came back out and we started the drying off process. See Kristen's hair? Its like you were being hosed down! It really was amazing. No pictures do it justice, nor does standing on a bridge looking at it. You can't appreciate the real power until you are right there fearing for your life :) If you ever get the chance go, but be sure to take a ride on the maid of the mist! And then have an expired passport on the way back in and take a nice long tour of the ghettos of Buffalo New York so your wives are terrified in the car behind you.... charming :)


The Grady's said...

I am impressed that you took the time to post in between trips! You are a super blogger! Those were really cute pictures and poor little Liam looked so upset! He always looks the cutest when he is sad!