Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Never Fear Batman and Robin are here!

We received a very fun package in the mail this week from Grandma! Seriously, the whole family loved it. Inside was the bedding for little miss Crawford's room, which is great because now I can start matching some sewing projects to it. But even more fun were the costumes. First you have to know what an amazing seamstress Chris's mom is. She taught me everything I know about sewing and man have I learned a lot! In the package were two adorably cute colonial outfits complete with white "tights", knickerbockers with vintage buttons, shirts that tie together at the top and a three corner hat! I just about died. Jan also made a matching outfit for the boy's cousin Aiden who is coming to visit and a colonial dress for their cousin Ally. I am delirious from thinking about the pictures I am going to take. The fun didn't stop there. Next we pulled out two costumes, one Batman and one Robin. Both complete with built in muscles, masks and utility belts! I thought oh man these will be awesome when the boys grow into them. I thought for sure they didn't make costumes this cool in their sizes but I was wrong! Liam gets to be Batman and Sam is Robin! I love that Liam's pecks are up to his chin! Sam says he takes fighting crime very seriously.

I love this one of liam looking to the side, he should have his hands on his hips and wind blowing his cape. We of course thought it was the cutest thing ever and had to show someone esle, so we marched the boys over to our friends the Thornocks for an April Trick or Treat. Apparently walking in a full fledged hero outfit in 95 degree weather is Batmans equivilant to kriptonite.

Thank you Grandma!


Robyn Reynolds said...

That is so cute. Have fun with my parents in Disneyland!! Lucky!! Also tell Chris congrats on graduating!!!! So many fun things.

Garity said...

Those will fit perfectly by the time October is here!

Grandma packages are the best! Oooh, speaking of sewing projects, I need to shop for some fabric to take back with me before we leave. My mom is a fabric snob so I'll have to get her to take me to the hotspots here in W'burg.

Anonymous said...

O my gosh Kelly they are so stinking cute here!! I remember when my twins where into this and I miss it already!!! It brought me so many smiles! We can not wait to see you all in two weeks!