Sunday, October 31, 2010


The kiddos were really excited for Halloween this year.

Liam kept going back and forth between being spiderman and a ghost. He REALLY wanted to be Bumble Bee from transformers but he decided that about five weeks to late :)
I took full advantage of Abby not knowing what was going on and made her a cherub
I was really suprised she left on the headband and wings as long as she did
Sammy was Optimus Prime and refused to let us fix the mask that was smooshed in the mail. He thought since it came like that it was supposed to be like that.
I made all the kids trick or treat bags because sadly enough I never did find out Halloween items (both orange and black tubs held random winter clothes, apparently my attempt at color coordinating holidays with storage containers didn't work).
We had a really fun trunk or treat party at our compound.
It was so much fun seeing people who had never trick or treated before enjoy their first time and of course all the babies!!
Our friends Jan and Meredith were "White Trash" and the only ones who even attempted to dress up ha!
When I first saw Meredith I gasped totally thinking something horrible had happened.
On Halloween the Embassy took all the diplomatic children around in a van to each of the embassy communities homes to trick or treat. It was so fun to see them all pile in and out of the can together.
Oddly enough Sam was the first one bolting to the door ha!
They also took them out to the See Bee's camp to trick or treat. Wow. If you are a kid who wants to stock up on full sized candy the troops are the place to go! I am sure they were kid enough to share lots of the candy they recieved in packages from home. Then Chris, Sam and Abby headed over to the embassy for the big party. Liam and I both have been feeling under the weather so we stayed back and rested. Abby went as Kung Foo Panda to that party. I would have loved to see Sam bob for apples. Hope you get lots of treats!


Z. Marie said...

I love the photo of the baby as Superman.

Jan said...

Kelly, Thanks so much for posting. The kids are so darn cute. What a fun Halloween. How many SeaBees are there? I am so sorry all the kids have been sick and now you are sick. We miss you!!

Emily said...

Happy Halloween, what great pictures. I love all of the bags, and the adorable costumes.
One of my little ones dressed as Optimus Prime as well, and changed his mind and wanted to be Bumblebee. Boys.

Patty Girl said...

I love the cherub! Did Rome inspire you? Plus the bags look great. And how cute is "octopus prime"? Love it!