Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Saying goodbye

I am not going to lie it was really hard leaving Italy, and when I say Italy I mean Grandma and Grandpa. The boys have asked on several occasions to go back. Liam last night broke something that he got there and said "well better go back to Grandma and Pappa's house" and headed for the door ha! For or last day we headed to Ostia to see the old fortress and ruins. First we headed to the fortress to see when tours were. When we saw a huge crowd we were shocked. Until we realized there was a wedding at the gorgeous old church that shared the piazza, which was GOREOUS

I loved the kitty in the window
Apparently the wedding had just ended and they were waiting for the bride and groom to come out. It was so fun people watching and seeing all the over the top outfits. Or the underdressed feet, as in this guys case:
The couple came out and the crowd went wild. They threw everything, rice, bubbles flowers it was a free for all.
_MG_2363After lots of pictures and mingling they headed of to what I assume was their reception. And this was when I snuck a picture of the bride, who looked a little ticked off that I did ha!
After everyone was gone I snuck in to see how the chapel was decorated
Could you imagine getting married in such a romantic old setting?
After some serious finagling we got all 3 cuties to at least sit down by each other
and they stayed for one shot with Grandma and Granpa
and then Abby started eating rocks as always
And giving me the pouty face when I took them out
The boys were way more interested in the fortress. Sammy went and knocked on the door a few times and yelled hello
It was a pretty cool door.
I especially liked the modern day peep hole "Yes? Who's knocking at my fortress door at noon?"
Once we got on the tour the boys were CONVINCED that a dragon lived in the castle. Chris had them believing that the lizards scurrying around were baby dragons. They also really like the holes in the side for archers or as Liam believed "camons" (canons)
After our tour we walked over to the ruins.
The boys were absolutely respectful and quiet.... or not so much
Abby zonked in the stroller and the massive cobblestones were not made for sleeping babies so I parked near the stage and rested with her for a bit. The boys had fun exploring and looking through their binoculars quiet a bit.
Liam kept telling me he saw "nuffing"
The floors in these ruins were amazing. They were all tile mosaics
In the little market in front of the stalls they would have a smaller version depicting what they were selling or makers of. It was really awe in spiring to see something that old and beautiful. Sammy liked the sea serpent and went hissing on his way
Once we had our fill we headed down to the beach. Beach's in Italy are not like most I have been to. They are all private and you have to pay quiet a bit to gain access to them. We walked down a ways though and found a perfect little place that suited our need of a few minutes for the kids to play.
The kids had a blast running crazy along the shore
just watching them made me tired, running in sand is hard work.
This trip Sammy really became attached to his Grandpa. He still tells me I am not reading stories right at bedtime and reminds me of Grandpa's cool voices. He really misses him.
Abby ate lots of sand
and in lou of underroos which she likes to put on her head she went with pants.
It was a really lovely day with Grandma and Grandpa
It is comforting to me that for now the boys don't understand how far from family we are. I can't wait until next summer when we get to see EVERYONE on both sides of the family (that means you better come Cori!)


Jan said...

Ohhhh!!! We miss you all so much!! It was such a terrific vacation and it just flew by. Liam, I sure wish you could come back as well. I can't wait to see you all again. I am loving these pictures. What a great description of some of the terrific moments of the day. MISS YOU!!!

indozine said...

hi, how are you?
your blog looks nice n_n

Patty Girl said...

That wedding does look amazing. Sometimes I think it would have been cool to have "traditional" wedding and then I remember that I wouldn't change anything.
Looks like such a fun day. I didn't want to leave Italy and we weren't even leaving family.