Thursday, October 14, 2010

Since We've Been Back

It has basically rained every afternoon. No one has any idea what is going on. I chalk it up to the rainy season NEVER ending. We went straight through what was supposed to be the dry season with tons of rain and now we have gone head long into the wet season. Anyway Abby LOVES the rain. She loves to sit outside and watch it (we just got our hammock today so I am totally pysched to lay out there with her and watch it). Last week she was begging to go out in it and I thought why not.

Aka our new cook watched from the kitchen window I am sure thinking "oh my gosh this women is nuts". Chris came home from work and we were still out there so he grabbed some pics from the safety of our huge deck, then came and joined the fun.
(I think I look a little nuts in that picture... but even more nuts and unflattering would be this picture:
Abby sure looks cute in this one though:
The only one who didn't come play was Sammy, he didn't want to ruin his Octopus Pie costume {otherwise known as Optimus Prime). Abby loved playing by the rain gutter outlet. She just stood there with her hand under it forever
After our galavanting in the rain Oscar and Carmen came over for some Halloween crafting. I also taught the kids how to make a toilet paper (or as Liam calls it Bathroom Paypah) mummy.
You can tell we are back in Timor and back to the kids picking out their own clothes by Liam's sweet matching job in that picture. We taught Dominique (their momma about toilet papering, no one does that anymore). Then it was bed time and we did out ritual of "Coins" with the boys. It is a new discipline thing we are trying with positive reinforcement and man is it working (thank you Cherylyn!). When we asked Liam to come out for coins he came out like this:
and didn't mention the googles at all. (he LOVES his Captain Chaos jammies thank you Granny!) We also had a pretty brutal game of Hopscotch.
Liam wanted to make up his own rules & apparently it was a shirts vs. skins game
Sam would make these HUGE jumps to avoid his tiny pebble
and it resulted in the dirtiest feet ever
but they loved it, which seems to happen when I introduce them to classic games. The whole playing in the rain thing might have backfired though because Abby is now very sick with a crazy high fever... so even when it is warm you may not want to play in the rain.


Cherylyn said...

So glad you like the coin thing. We stopped for a while once the boys were on a roll, but now it feels like we need to start it up again. Also, Clark is totally Optimus Prime for halloween, how crazy is that??!! They are going to have a blast together (no pun intended). Also, I actually loved that you misspelled the word Goggle and wrote google instead. It totally went with the story! P.S. Package is in the mail and on it's way to you on TUESDAY!!

Brett, Kendra & Carter said...

Love these pictures! At least you are finding a way to enjoy the rain :)

Jan said...

I'm so sorry about AbbyQ. I hope she is better soon. Playing in the rain looks fun. She wanted to go outside at our apartment and I just couldn't go far with all 3 by myself. She pushed the stroller by the door and climbed in. Love these pictures and the costume fun. It is getting cold here now. Love you all!!