Friday, March 14, 2008

There will be Blood

Today was a gorgeous day! We were lucky enough to go play at Sam's buddy Thomas' house, and was joined by Fischer and Jordan and Sophie! The boys had a great time playing in the backyard on the swing set and with Thomas' great train table. It was so nice and low key. I was showing the boys how to do kart wheels (really pathetic ones, who knew they were so hard at this age) and they decided they wanted to go on the swings. I put Thomas and Fischer on the "big Boy" swings and Sam in the toddler swing, but I didn't strap him in. We had been swinging nicely for a few minutes singing the Thomas the train theme song when WHAM! Sam had leaned forward to talk to Fisher and Thomas and he fell flat on the ground. Now the big boy swings are maybe a foot off the ground so falling is no tragedy. But when your mom puts you in the toddler swing and doesn't strap you in it is quiet the fall (you can see it pretty well in the pictures). I felt horrible. He knocked the wind out of himself and his tooth went right into his lip. He was bleeding from his lip and inside his mouth but all he wanted was his Ma (his binky, not me). As I tried to console him as he screamed he would interchangeably push away from me and snuggle up to me. It was as if he knew it was my fault and was mad but yet wanted his mom to make him feel better. Luckily Trish had a Thomas video ready to go and he settled down. The poor guy is now taking what I am sure will be a marathon nap after three hours of hard playing coupled with a minor concussion (Dr, Kelly Crawford's diagnosis).
It is really cute to see a group of boys play together though. Being a girl myself (shocker) I love watching the dynamics of it all. It cracks me up how they immediately go to anything messy aka the dirt under the deck, the fountain with the water and leaves. It is great! I am sure it is the same way with girls and playing house but I loved watching the three of them march around the fence of the yard and poke things with sticks. All three of them are such good little boys and I am so glad that even at such a young age Sam has some good buddies to play with! I included a funny video to illustrate how Fischer will be in the Olympics someday and Sam... well Sam will be there to cheer him on!


Robyn Reynolds said...

I got your maternity clothes yesterday and they are so cute! Thank you so much for letting me use them. I am wearing your cute brown and blue work type pants to work today and had to take of the tags because they have never been worn. Good thing you have such cute taste so I can be stylish. Thanks Again!!!