Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wild Week

It was a super busy but super fun past week! We had two great visitors. First Chris's older sister Cori came to visit. Her husband is starting a fun new government job so they came to scout out the area whoo hoo go Virginia! Chris and I would love to have a family member anywhere along the eastern seaboard. Close enough to visit for smaller holidays preferably! We only had one day with her though so we did the whirl wind tour of williamsburg. She was naughty though so we were put in the stocks... seriously that would be a horrible punishment.
Then my sister Felicity came to visit for Easter. While she took a tour of the University of Richmond Law school I met Jordan and Fischer and Sophie at the Richmond Children's museum and the boys had a blast! There are a ton of cute pictures but here are a few:

Then there was Easter! Sam I think has decided he wants this holiday to be everyday! In following with my families tradition, the boys woke up to a trail of jelly beans and eggs that led to their Easter baskets. Sam of course stopped every few feet to shove jelly beans in his mouth. He then got to search for all the Easter eggs. He would bring them to me and I would promptly hide them somewhere else while he looked for others. This way it lasted a lot longer hee hee, tricky mom. We had a really yummy dinner with the Adams family and then had a ginormous Easter egg hunt for the boys in their backyard. Jordan and I together made something like 160 eggs! The hubbies refused to put them all out, which in the end was for the best since the boys lost interest and we had to pick a bunch up. Liam really enjoyed gumming the wrappers of his candy and even broke through a few with his shiny new tooth. Chris and I had fun tickling him and hearing him giggle. See video below. He is sooooo cute I can't stand it and spend the majority of my day kissing him.


Anonymous said...

such cute kids! Next summer I want to visit wes and kristin and I want to travel over to DC since I have never been there so it would be fun to come see you too! leave me your email address at so I can add you to my viewing list since I went private!

Robyn Reynolds said...

I hope our baby is as happy as Liam. Jeff hopes he has huge eyes like him too. Your kids are so cute! I miss them. Your easter sounded so fun. That is a cute idea to leave a trail to the basket. What a cute mommy.