Friday, March 28, 2008

Who new Thursdays could be so fun!

Thursday was Sam's best bud Fischer's second birthday! I cannot believe these boys are growing up so fast! Christopher and I had purchased season tickets to Busch Gardens (ten Min's from our house max!) and since Chris had been working long and hard decided to take a break and take Sam. Jordan and Fischer and Sophie joined us and we had a blast celebrating Fischer's Birthday by going on all the rides and periodically singing him happy birthday. The boys especially loved the airplane ride although while everyone else was flying high they couldn't figure out how to go up no matter how many times we yelled "pull up on the stick!" They loved it none the less. Most rides they could go on by themselves and I was surprised and pleased that they showed no fear only delight. I was afraid we would have paid for a whole season and Sam would be terrified. I am excited to keep going back and can't wait to go when it is not spring break! (Driving Home From Busche Gardens)

Today was a GORGEOUS day and we ended up having an impromptu BBQ at the gorgeous Waller mill park with the Thornocks and the Gradys. It was a lot of fun... until Sam fell while eating and smacked his mouth on the park bench... once again blood poured from his mouth and Chris immediately started running with him to the car. Half way to the car he saw the poster with pictures of all the fish that were in the lake. He immediately stopped crying looked at Chris and I and did his "sound that fishes make" baw baw baw baw. So we rinsed his mouth out in the bathroom and he now has a sad fat black and blue lip but luckily no stitches or teeth missing! Below are some belated pictures of us dying Eggs at the Adam's and of the boys on the egg hunt on Easter. Thank you mom for the ADORABLE outfits!

Fischer and Sam watching the beginning of Enchanted. The were rapt until after the prince killed the ogre. I have got to get him some manly Disney movies, darn that stupid Disney Vault!


Robyn Reynolds said...

I love how close Sam and Fisher have to sit by each other to watch the movie. It looks like you are having so much fun!

Tillmann Fam said...

So I have to admit, I'm super jealous you guys are enjoying such beautiful weather! We're up to the forties this week, so we've had a little improvement :) Anyway, super cute pictures of the boys. Looks like you guys had a fun easter! I told Wes to email Chris our address, but apparently he forgot so I'll get him to email it today. Keep enjoying that great weather!!