Saturday, March 1, 2008

Off like a herd of Turtles

For our Spring Break our little family headed to visit our good friends the Tillmann's in Cleveland Ohio. Of course we could not get off to an easy start. Liam's fever had returned so we had taken him to the doctor who prescribed him a new ear infection medication. I kept him in our bed so I could check his temperature through out the night. Because of this I slept pretty skiddywampus and woke up at 4:30 without being able to move my neck. I literally could not turn in any direction. I started sobbing and woke up Chris terrified (remember that wild imagination from the last post) that I had some sort of weird paralization. Our awesome friends the Thornocks came and slept at the house so we could go to the emergency room. I was diagnosed with Torticaulous which essentially means there is a large immovable mass at the base of my skull which had hardened making it impossible to move. I got a lovely shot in the bum and a big muscle relaxer. We went home and poor Chris had to go Try his legal skills case on very little sleep. I began packing and thought seriously if one more thing happens we are not going. Not even a half hour later Liam was suddenly sobbing uncontrollably. I finally thought I will just lay him down for a nap and hopefully he will be okay. I went to change his diaper and found him covered head to toe in huge circular rashes. "You have GOT to be kidding me!" I cried. We took him in to the pediatrician right away and they decided he was allergic to the new ear medication and gave him some benadril.
So with prayer that nothing else would happen we loaded up the car and headed to Cleveland. Since arriving we have had a wonderful time. Sam adores Lucy... sadly the feeling does not seem to be mutual as he wants to hug her all the time and she seems to carry around a broom an awful lot to ward him off. They do play very cute together though when in the right mood.
Today for example they thought the Kirtland Temple museum was the perfect place to run in circles and fall down laughing at each other. Chris and I were able to enjoy a nice quiet tour of the temple as poor Wes and Kristen took Lucy and Sam for ice cream at McDonald's. It is such and amazing place. There is so much history it is hard to absorb it all. I was in awe thinking the prophet stood there and spoke such amazing words. The RLDS tour guide we had was very sweet and they seem to have a good repore with the church which is wonderful. The weather was freezing cold so unfortunately we did not spend that much time exploring the grounds, but did enjoy the tour and museum. Now on to Palmyra and Nauvoo!(Pictures and a hilarious video fo the kids to be attached soon)


Anonymous said...

I wish I was there with all of you! I think Wes and Kristin have been to Kirtland so many times they probably loved watching the kids! We drag them there everytime we go to Ohio because there is always a newby with us that needs to see the sites! Tell Sam to just keep hugging Lucy, she does that to me too and I am her blood. she will wram up someday!