Thursday, June 4, 2009

Disney Studios--- or something like that

We hit up what I thought was MGM on Sunday because it was the only day of the week that they perform Fantasmic and I heard this was the MUST see out of all the park performances.

Liam was all ready to go with his sunglasses and super awesome shirt that I love. DSC06596_edited-1
We got there before it even opened and were rearing to go! We went on the Buzz light year ride first and the boys LOVED it. The line area was filled with great things to look at while you waited and we had fun pointing them all out.
Liam and I were just a head of Chris and Sam so I was able to sort of take a picture, even though Sam is totally hidden by his toy cannon.
On our way out there was of course a store with all different Toy story characters. Fischer Adams has both a Buzz and Woody Doll that Liam goes berserk over every time we would go over so I wasn't surprised when he was begging for a woody doll. They were best pals immediately.
Afterwards we went to see the little mermaid show. Although scary at times I thought it was pretty cool. Much better then the Nemo at Animal Kingdom. This didn't drag on as long and the music was gorgeous. On our way to star tours we saw "The Movie Ride" which wasn't on our printed itinerary (yup I had one for EVERY day). Liam and I opted to hang out outside since this one looked a little scary and longish. Instead Liam showed Woody everything:
It was so cute he would wander over to a statue and hold Woody up to see it. At first I thought he was going to dunk him right into the fountain, but he was just making sure his good pal got the whole experience too.
While we waited a side door opened and out came a parade of characters! They were all coming off break and heading to their posts so they didn't stop but Liam got his own personal parade right there with every single one waving just at him! Well, I was pretty excited ;)
We took the boys to see the Disney playhouse performance which was a HUGE hit! They loved seeing all their favorite characters and Sam even let us get sort of close to Annie and Leo from Little Einsteins.
Since it was super hot we had lots of Ice Cream Breaks. While Jan Rick and Chris went on the good ole classic Star Tours the boys and I hung out eating and watching the Jedi Training academy which was pretty darn funny and something I will definitely do in the future with them.
(You gotta love Sam trying to balance his Cindallela train, his Buzz light year gun AND eat an ice cream. That beautiful white shirt was a disaster by the end of the day).

It was at this stage that I should have made the wiser choice and headed home with the boys for a rest. However I ignored my body and we kept on truckin. This would come back to haunt me later! We headed to the car stunt show where we could sit down for a bit and enjoy lots of screaching tires.


Despite the face Sam was very impressed! This is actually how he wears sunglasses all the time. I try to turn them the right way but he does NOT like the bridge thing on his nose. So we get lots of giggles but hey if he will wear them and give his little eyes a rest I couldn't care less ;) Afterwards the guys went to ride the rockin roller coaster and tower of terror. Jan and I thought we would go back on Toy story only to find an hour wait. We did bump into this guy though who we both thought was pretty cool.


He had to have been SO hot in that outfit. We headed to the Dinosaur area which I have to say was kinda weird. It was like plopping a carnival into the middle of a Disney theme park. It seemed out of place. The boys had fun on the rides though and wandering around the bone yard. I didn't get any pictures here because I spent most of my time running after Sam making sure he kept his shoes on. I kept getting chastised by employees for him being bare foot. I felt for the kid though, it has got to stink to get tiny pieces of cut up rubber flowing into your crocs non stop. We heard that the animation station was a good place to met characters and the lure of air conditioning was to much. We had to wait outside for our turn and Liam was getting a little punch drunk because he plopped right down next to Chris and just started laughing.


I think it may have been at the fact that Sam was running in circles but it totally could have just been him having a break down. Either way it was cute. After eating dinner at the Pizza Planet inspired by Toy Story we headed over to the amphitheater to bag seats for Fantasmic (along the way we caught the Beauty and the Beast performance. I LOVED it, the boys not so much). It was at this point that I decided I was probably going to go a head and deliver the baby right there at Disney world. My body absolutely revolted against me. It was 8 PM and we had been going all day. It was hot, I was tired and I had not been drinking enough water. It made me feel better that Jan was with me (Chris's mom was a labor or and Delivery nurse for the majority fo her career) but felt bad that she would have to deliver her 21 grandchild at an amusement park J/K. I literally laid on Chris through the whole amazing performance.


It really was an amazing show and sitting down for an hour helped give me that little boost I needed to truck back to the car were we promptly decided tomorrow would be a day off. Sam felt the same way I did and promptly fell asleep with his prized possession of the day-- his very own mamarail.


what else would you expect a trainaholic chose as their one toy?


The Grady's said...

Wow, Kelly! I am so impressed! Heat, pregnancy, long lines, tired kids...I don't think I would have the energy to keep trucking every day! You're amazing! We miss you guys a lot :( Thankfully, we are definitely planning on making a trip to Utah to see you this summer (and baby girl crawford, too!)