Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am just pretending none of this is happening

Chris and I just put the boys down after our last trip to Busch Gardens. Now I know it is melodramatic and I know for heaven sakes no one died or anything like that but the people who saw me crying as I left probably thought someone did. Tonight was our last night in Williamsburg as a family and as locals. I have been trying not to think about it and pretending like it isn't happening. The whole while I have been packing I've kind of had an out of body experience. While saying goodbye to my friend Terish today she nailed it right on the head saying Williamsburg is a magical place. These past three years have been just that, magic. I simply cannot find any other words to describe it, they would all sound so trite. Thank you to everyone who has made these three years the happiest I have known. This is where we started our family, where we forged our own way, were we skrimped and wished we could save and found so much happiness in free walks through CW. I tried to tell myself as the time flew by to enjoy every minute and although Chris and I agree we really tried I already miss it.
For all these wonderful memories I will always LOVE Williamsburg!
Chris on his first day of school (when we were living in the Marriott trying to figure everything out)
Sam looked like this:
Out little Lemers was not even on the radar... for a few months :)


Patty Girl said...

I am a sentimental person like you. It is always hard for me to move on from something that is so wonderful and memorable. Good luck with this next phase of your life!

Kristin said...

I'm totally the same way! Even about Cleveland...which I totally didn't think was possible:) We're SO excited to have you guys in Utah for a bit!!

Chow and Russ said...

I hate that about the places I leave, I always fall in love with where I live. The last few days around San Marcos, I have felt a great thankfulness for the beautiful, peaceful, hippie town that we get to live in.
On Monday we are going to Waco to check out Baylor and see what law school and it's city will be like.
exciting but sad.

Garity said...

Ummmm, I disappear for a few weeks to have a baby and recover, finally getting a chance to catch up on your blog only to read this!?!? ARGH! Time has it really that time already? Best of luck to you guys and I can happily say we will NOT cross State Dept paths (we are so done!) but you better let me know where your first post is!

Humor me and allow me to say: this girl thing (after my 3 boys) is SOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOL! You are even more of a girly girl than I am (and I say that with 100% respect since you always look so chic) so I can only imagine how much fun you are going to have! I've only had Bronwyn for 3 weeks now and I was just going to dress her in her brothers hand-me-down pjs for at least a few months. My mom was horrified that I was planning on dressing her in trucks and baseball motifs so she staged an intervention. After seeing some of the outfits she brought home I got on (I hate shopping so I do most of it online) and went nutts with her wardrobe. BTW, online shopping will be your saving grace when you are overseas...just you wait! Most of what I bought is green and/or lavender since I'm still gagged by pinkness but it is definately girly! What a 180 for me!

I can't wait to hear the name you guys choose as well as those first pictures. I'm sending happy epidural thoughts your glad you aren't going to deliver at Sentara Regional, those epidural nazis.

The Grady's said...

We've been gone for a month now and I so miss Williamsburg! Mostly, though, I miss the Crawfords! Kelly, I hopeyou are doing well. Kevin and I will be up in Utah probably in you think you guys will still be there?