Sunday, June 7, 2009

It can't rain on my parade but man did it rain on graduation!

Yippie!!! Chris has graduated from law school!!! Diploma and dream job in hand we march forth into the unknown. I just pray there is better weather in the unknown then there was in Williamsburg that day. We were lucky enough to have Chris parents, my parents and my little sister attend graduation. Chris headed out before myself and my family to get all ready for the main event. The ceremony was to be held outdoors in the campus's beautiful sunken gardens. Emphasis on the word SUNKEN. It had been lashing rain all morning and the gardens were literally sinking. The tent they had set up to offer "shade" was TINY. They did not require tickets for this ceremony but I guess thought every law graduate of William and Mary was a hermit and would have one person tops there to cheer them on, thus by the time we arrived the gardens were a swamp and there was NO where to sit. Thank my lucky stars our good friends the Grady's had one extra seat in what was miraculously a dry patch. Leslie called me over so I slopped through the mud across a row of people with both boys and plopped down. I don't know what I would have done otherwise. My poor parents and sister stood in the aisle and enjoyed a nice pelting by the rain. Leslie and her mom were wonderful about helping me with the boys but after about 45 mins of being good they got pretty silly and were laughing with each other so loud I figured it was distracting, in steps my awesome mom and sister who take the boys from me and go and crash another reception which was indoors (lucky people). They brought them back just in time to hear their Daddies name be called!DSC06877-1
I know they won't remember nor did they have any idea what was going on but I was so glad they were there for that moment.
Sammy especially loved Christopher's "Train Whistle" and kept pulling on his tassel and making train whistle sounds. Thanks to my families help I was able to sneak up front and capture some fun pics of Chris receiving his diploma.
I also captured a few of his classmates including Kevin Grady who's family saved me: Our friend Adam Harrison whom we are soooo glad transfered to W&M from BYU:
And his beaming wife one of my closest friends here Nora and their son Samuel (he really likes his laddle):
Proud wife Olivia and cutie patootie Ella:
We are so proud of Christopher and the tireless work he has put into this degree!
After the ceremony it stopped raining just when we went into the law school for the reception (Nice timing). We got to have some yummy cake and chat with good friends. Chris had every class 1L year with the wonderful Elizabeth Burroughs who is now living in Hawaii!!! Oh we will be visiting you Elizabeth!Liam enjoyed sporting Christophers funky graduation cap:We of course had to take lots of pictures in front of the law school so we never forget... as if we would!
One of the whole water logged group: DSC06918B
Our wonderful friends the Grady's who have already left us for the great state of Texas!
After the ceremony we headed back to the cars and home to dry off. Then we were treated to a delicious dinner at Outback Sans Sam and Liam! Christophers Sister Melony came to visit with her wonderful family and was gracious enough to take them off our hands so we could actually enjoy the dinner! We then headed back to their Condo to enjoy some graduation cake with their family! (Our twin nephews Derek and Dallin, Sam, Aiden and my little sis Claire.)
I have to be honest I am having a really ahrd time coming to grips with the fact that we will be leaving here shortly. Even though a lot of our friends have already left and our house is covered in box's, I keep thinking this is just another summer and we will all be back in the fall. What amazing friends and memories we have made while here. I know for a fact we will look back on this time as one of our favorites, poorness and insane hours included. This is where we started our family, this is where we came to be so close as a couple, learned to be on our own and thrive, how can you not love a place where all that happens?


Eric and Olivia Jewell said...

oh my goodness, did you photos shop that pic of Ella and I? Her eyes look amazing!