Monday, November 9, 2009

The Art of Power

On Saturday we took the cuties to see the Art of Power exhibit at the National Gallery. We told the boys we were going to go see Knights.
We got there before it opened and so we got to stroll around the building for a half hour and the boys had a blast. Then the huge doors slid open revealing a Giant picture of a knight in armor. The boys stared in awe. Once inside Chris and I realized this was exactly the same armor that we viewed at the castle in Madrid. After going through the exhibit we took the boys to see the Van Gogh's, Monet's and Renoir exhibits. They were sooo good and Sam actually talked to me about a lot of the paintings. Then we passed this sculpture in the hall
It is called poetry and music and Sam LOVED it. He said it was he and Liam and that he was playing the guitar. He made us go back to the "babies" every time we went into the main corridor and cried when we left saying he wanted to see more babies-- who knew! I went thinking we would run through and it would end in some guard yelling because one of the boys had knocked off a painting or something. I was pleasantly suprised. If you have boys who like knights I highly suggest it!


Jan said...

Wow! you took the boys and girl to the National Gallery. Amazing!! Good for you. I loved the National Gallery. It was such a pleasant surprise when we stumbled on it a couple trips ago and you suggested we go inside. I loved it. How exciting that your boys loved it too. Love your photos as usual, Kelly.