Friday, November 6, 2009

Best Halloween EVER!

Thats what Sam said anyway. I tend to agree with him it was a pretty fun one (even if Liam still refused to wear a costume.) I started out the day with what I think will be my favorite photoshoot for a LONG time. It was with my fav little girls out here Mallory and Emily. Their mom Reese has got to be the kindest person I have ever met. I cannot imagine an unkind word escaping her lips. She is a absolute riot to be around and the kind of person that when you head home after hanging out the sky is more blue and the world a more beuatiful place. I know super cheesy but trying hanging out with her and you will see what I mean. I had made both the girls toile tutus for the shoot and taken them over the night before. Mallory's was a greyish purple with light beige and dark brown and a rustic big blue ribbon I made from a remnant of some silk. I thought it suited her personality.
She is very beautiful and is a very old soul.
Emily on the other hand was going to wear a neon pink and bright blue toile tutu with a bright green ribbon, a bright yellow head band and a huge yellow flower. To me this is Emily.
Full of sunshine and wonder. When we met the next morning and headed out to the stellar location for the shot (the Homestead in MD) I loved that her girls had the windows down rearin' to go with Mallory stillin curlers (you know a mom has REALLY thought about a shoot when the girls have curlers as opposed to waking up and throwing whatever on them-- I knew it would be good!)
We arrived at our local and I pulled out some striped baby legs for Emily and Reese whipped out these AMAZING pink boots. I almost teared up, man were we in sync.
The girls were fantastic and in all I got over 40 images that were totally printable, the most yet! It was cold though and the girls were troopers. When we were done with Emily at site one she ran and got this on to keep her warm:
Its her chicken costume haa! REese treated me to some amazing hot cider so I was super toasty.
There is a slide show on my photo blog but here are a few of my favs:
oh and all of these:
Reese and I were cracking up most of the day because I didn't put enouch toile on Emily's tutu so her behind looked like this:
After shooting at the amazing homestead farm, Reese treated me to lunch at this funky old store that had AMAZING BBQ pork sandwichs. We were in heaven.
Thank you Reese and girls for a perfect Halloween morning!


Robyn Reynolds said...

These pictures are adorable and I LOVE the pictures below with the boys names on the wall. That is so cute. Too bad your not here. I love lots of pictures.

Reese said...

Christmas Trees here we come!

Reese said...

You're truly the most amazing professional photographer I've ever had the privilege of being with. Thanks for the amazing shoot on Halloween. Emily now walks around the house with her pretend camera taking shots then proclaiming," Oh, cutie pattutie"
We love ya!