Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Playin' around with the camera

Today was a pretty relaxed day at the Crawford house. We found an awesome cake pan in the shape of a train so Sammy was pretty excited to make it with me. We had a rough start when we went to the fridge and discovered our eggs were frozen. Ever wonder what a frozen egg looks like:
While the cake baked we got rid of the "tiny dragon" that is residing in my closet. The boys had me crawl around with our flash lights chasing after it (it was sams hand-- gotta love immagination). This is Liams "cared" face, the dragon was terriying.
I grabbed my camera and thought I could work on some of the homework from my photo workshop. I needed to do my angles excercise-- this was hilarious trying to get the boys to hold a 3/4 pose etc. in the end I love the pictures I got:
and Lemers:
We then played with chalk out on the deck and I thought I would get a funny picture. I think it would be really cool to do with a four or five year old who would stay in place more but Sam sort stood still.
Liam was hilarious. He knew what was written above his head so he kept saying "it's me! It's weeyum!"
Abbers was having a rough evening so I mainly got pictures of her tiny tiny toes....
oh and her HUGE eyes. Shout out to Ava her huge eyed cousin!


Z. Marie said...

Everything on the top shelf of ours freezes. But we make Laura eat the carrots anyway.

Chow and Russ said...

The egg is gross, but I LOVE the shots! You're family is so cute!