Friday, November 20, 2009

A long break

OKay wow, I have totally be neglecting my personal blog, but it has been NUTS around here. So much to do and soooo little nightime to do it aka after the kiddos go to bed! This really isn't an update post either, I will have to do that on Sunday but I wanted to get these pictures up for Granny, Grandad, Grandma and Grandpa. It is basically the same post from the photography blog:
When people find out I am a photographer the phrase that generally follows is "I bet you have great pictures of your kids" I then awkwardly shift my weight from foot to foot, avoid eye contact and mumble something incoherent because to be honest I don't have a lot of "arranged" pictures of my cuties. So, after my morning shoot I took a short break then Chris humored me and we went out to get some pictures of the boys. See, a wonderful friend of mine found the deal of a lifetime the other day when she purchased a fantastic vintage tricycle for FOUR BUCKS! I won't lie, I have major bike envy. For some reason I thought lightening might strike twice so I dragged Liam to our closest thrift store and although there were no trikes in sight, Liam did find a cool old wagon that he refused to get out of... it was awkward when he was clinging to the sides as I was trying to pull him out and avoid getting Abby (who was chillin' in the front pack) kicked in the face, in the end I buckled and just bought it (how many times have I forked over mola to end a tantrum? To many to count- that's embarrassing-- and pretty bad parenting). I am so glad we got it though, the boys love it and I know it will be in some amazing shots. We headed down to the "caboose" by our house, Sam's new favorite place, and I went to town.
I love Liam's pouty face:
Eventually Liam refused to stand on the back of the bike so Chris had the cute idea of putting him in the wagon and having Sam pull it.
Sam was pretty good, you can bribe a 3 year old.
Plus just being able to play on railroad tracks and around a train was enough to put Sammy on cloud nine... although he hated his coat and boots, great because those were sooo cheap....
Liam liked playing with the old broken bell
And although he didn't stay on long (how fun is it when you can't reach the pedals?)
I did catch a smile or two
He did give his Sad face a lot, he is such a little actor we love it!
Chris was kind enough to walk around with Abby and watched which ever boy wasn't in the shot. And then took Abby on a ride on the trike.


Gratitude said...

Awesome pictures, nah, BEAUTIFUL Kelly..soooo beautiful...
but sorry i really got to ask, I have been dying to know where you got their Oh-so super cute coats, i love that kind of coats for kids or babies, Ozzie had one but too little for him now and my mother in law could not remember where he get it from...would be very best if I can get it on-line because I don't drive (yet)...please?

THANKS a BUNCH, I really appreciate it and your boys are just sooo cute...and Abby is just does it feel to be surrounded with beauties everyday huh?