Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coming Home.. to OUR house

Don't worry the tuk tuk pictures are coming... Because I know so many people are on the edge of their seat waiting for them- NOT. But Chris and I are finally wrapping up things to buy our home in Williamsburg! I already made comments about it on Facebook but some of our family has asked for a link to see them. We will be building in the Village at Quarterpath in the "Jefferson" which can be found HERE. We are adding in a fourth bedroom and extra bathroom so it is second floor option 2 if you are taking a gander at the floor plans. If you want to see actual pictures their facebook page HERE has a ton. We have been lucky enough to work with our friend Katie who has done lots of videos and made us a blog with pictures and updates. I am a little nervous that when we actually see it the colors we have picked out from across the globe will all clash and look horrible ha! It has been really fun thinking about wall colors etc. And although I never ever ever thought I would, I am totally thinking about wallpaper. I KNOW Ahhhhhh. I cannot count the number of walls I have taken it off and cursed the people who put it up. But when it looks like THIS or like THIS, well how cool would that be to have on at least one wall... or maybe five? Ha! It won't be completed until October and we won't see it until next June when we come to the states but you are now warned that every now and then there are going to be house updates and probably some crazy typical kelly decor ideas. We are really excited to be calling Williamsburg home again! This week we also celebrated out 8 year anniversary! Whoo hoo! eight years ago it was just the two of us with no clue what was in store. Now it is all five of us partying in East Timor
Chris and I had a yummy dinner at Daya one of my favs. After straightening my hair for about an hour I walked outside and POOF so much for that! 99% humidity and straight hair are oxymorons.
Chris and I are lovin' that Abby is keeping her dark hair!! After dinner we came home to a nice quiet, clean house thank you thank you che che ha! I always feel ridiculous when it comes to presents for anniversary's,especially since we just had mothers day and I received this in the mail
So we kept our tradition from being students of not getting each other anything. Just enjoying each others company is enough! Plus I am sort of getting to the age where if I REALLY want something we just save up and get it... it makes birthdays and anniversaries a lot less about presents and far more enjoyable.


Cherylyn said...

Whoa shocker! That's SO awesome!!! Can't wait to hear the deets. By the way, I like wallpaper in some areas is fun to pick stuff out that shows your own personal style.

nora ballantyne harrison said...

CONGRATS!!!! that is so, so fabulous. i am thrilled for you guys about your house. WOW. so exciting. and DID YOU KNOW, kelly, that amy butler has her own wallpaper line coming out this summer??????????i about died when i saw the prints. they're AMAZING. so go hog wild:)
can't wait to see it, and, most importantly, you guys.