Monday, May 31, 2010

Hard to have seat belts when your sitting on a board

One of the last things we did on the island was let the kids go on a tuk tuk ride. It is essentially a motorcycle hooked up to a wagon of sorts, think the tropical version of a hayride. When the driver pulled up we asked him how much for a 5 minute ride, he told us 15 bucks, we said no way and offered him five for however long it would take them. The kids were so excited and jumped right up in.
We decided that Nicola and Chris would ride a long and attempt to keep everyone safe. Nicola asked sam to move over the other side to balance things out and he looked completely indigent and replied "but I'm sitting next to Carmen." So he stayed put and we rearranged others (of course not moving carmen in the process!)
The driver and his son got such a kick out of me snapping away and the kids giggling.
So off they went all perched on little wooden bench's Chris Calm as a cucumber and Nicola feeling the same anxiety as me!
Meredith and I thought we would take the babies for a walk while they were gone. It is funny in Dili the children (especially girls) run when I ask to take a picture of them. Along the side of the road there was this little gang of boys. I asked them if I could take a picture and they struck a pose
When I showed them it on the screen they freaked out laughing and teasing each other and then struck this one:
This is exactly why I am saving up for a polaroid. I wanted so bad to be able to give them a copy of the picture. We walked a little further and there were this adorable girls
When we got back we were surprised that the tuk tuk wasn't back--45 minutes later it finally came back. They had gotten petrol, taken a sick little boy to the hospital and delivered some packages!!!! HA! Along the way Addie had fallen asleep and Liam was almost there. I am sure Chris and Nicola's bums were numb for a week but man what a hilarious experience for the kids!


Jan said...

Thanks Kelly!! I always need my little anti-homesick boost and your stories do a terrific job. You are amazing!! Love your final picture. That's a hoot about their tuk tuk ride. What a life.....