Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let the Count Down Begin

Sammy came home with a paper chain from school today (which is incredibly ironic because yesterday I decided we needed to make one to count down to his birthday.)
This prompted me to think about other things I have been counting down to:
Days until Abby and I leave for Bali: 2
Days until I have a blast with one of my BFF's in Bali: 3
Days until Sam's big 4 B-Day: 11
Days until Chris's and My EIGHT year anniversary: 22
Days until I need to get my mom's b-day present in the mail in order for it to get to her even remotely around her birthday: yesterday (dang it)
Days until I can upload pictures because I got a replacement flash reader:
unknown, but probably a lot
Days until I order some of Joel Dewberry's new line:
also unknown, but I will also probably spend a lot (you gotta support fellow BYU Alum right?)
Days until my BABY sister graduates from High school and I have a complete breakdown about getting old: 28 days
And just for kicks and giggles
Days until Christmas: 234, thank heavens our Christmas decor came in our TINY shipment.
Hope you have some bright spots on your horizon!


Z. Marie said...

You forgot about "Days until trip to Italy." That's closer than Christmas!

kesli said...

My brother and his wife are in Bali right now!! I told them they needed to take a trip over to Dili and meet you but you may just run into them in Bali. Enjoy your trip.