Sunday, May 9, 2010

Embarrassing photos of the week-- and some cute ones

We have been having an awesome time in Bali. Kerstin arrived safetly in the middle of the night and it has been nonstop since then. If you come visit the Crawfords we can almost garuntee you will be jumped on by a monkey
smacked in the face by an elephant trunk
(that is me post slap- Kerstin got one right in the face also. It's a life changing experience J/K)
But you will also get to see and do awesome things like ride an elephant through a pond:
and survive. (Yes Abby is riding on an elephant at 9 months, I am trying to set a trend of awesomeness for her life)
Have a huge gorgeous lotus that only blooms in the morning right outside your door
Go to an amazing dance performance in a VERY old temple where someone will probably walk across burning stones "in a trance"
(apparently I feel like I need to open my eyes SUPER WIDE in night pictures- its the deer in the headlights look)
See (and if you want to get up at 2am hike) a live volcano
and the gorgeous lake right next too it
eat interesting spiky fruits
(look at Abby going for it! She is totally up for this life of adventure thing!)
Take a Balinesse cooking class
Which will lead you to the conclusion that if you want to eat good Indonesian food you should probably just go to a restaurant! You will also be shocked to learn that French Fries are in MANY authentic dishes-- more on that later.
and finally, hang out a lot with this munchkin who will finally let you hold her after a few days
And thats just on your layover in Bali!! So who is coming next?


The Gardener said...

You have the life!

Jan said...

Love the beautiful lily that sits happily on your porch- she's quite a beauty. WOW!! Elephant rides? Monkey grabs? and cooking class? Life just doesn't get much more interesting than that!..! Happy Mother's Day Kelly.

Elizabeth Moon said...

We're next!

Amy said...

You are making me so excited for Bali!! Hopefully you will not be sick of going there by the time we get there.....we would love to meet you guys there. Maybe we can even get Chris to come! My kids are know dying to ride an elephant.

Leah Miller said...

Oh my goodness!! I can't believe you got hit in the face by an elephant. Kind of funny though. LOL.