Thursday, September 16, 2010

Afternoon in Borghese

My friend Megan who's husband is from Italy HIGHLY recommend we take the kids to Villa Borghese. It was so fun we will be returning this weekend. It is a HUGE park (it reminded me a ton of Park Retiro in Spain) with lots of trails, fountains, ponds, statues etc. After wandering a bit we rented a Suri to bike around the park. The kids thought it was awesome to pile in on the front
I loved that we could ALL fit in one
and was so happy that it had a little built in motor ha! We would stop and take in some of the amazing views.
The boys would run around and Abby would pick up rocks,
Put them on the suri,
and then decided which ones to eat ha! It was hilarious getting up speed and zooming down hills. The kids had a great view of the park.
We had lunch and let the cuties play at this funny little wooden farm. Then headed home. Oddly enough both Abby and Liam fell asleep in the car :)


Katie said...

That looks like a fun way to see the sights! I would want a built in motor too.