Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Explora: Children's Museum in Rome

We wanted to do some fun things just for the kids while in Rome and Megan suggested Explora. It is hilarious because they have pretty strict policies where they only allow people in every 2 hours and limited numbers each time. We arrived a little after the time limit and they stressed to us that we would only have an hour and a half and then had to leave ha! First we headed to the fire truck.

Then the boys found the outfits you could dress up in.
Then we found the water cannons
Then the super cool solar powered cars (which were really tricky)
The boys had a blast playing in the toy gardens. Sammy planted the food
Then Liam would water them
This is him making a shhhhhhshhhhh noise that comes with watering plants
Then Sam would harvest what they had grown
Then it was over to the kitchen to cook it!
Liam really liked his turkey
All the while Abby was playing with the adorable pull toy puppy
Then we headed over to the store to buy ingredients we were missing.
Sammy checked us out and like any good Italian boy bought a piece of meat the size of him
We all took turns chillin and playing with Abby
Sammy had a blast on the zipline.
I was impressed with how brave he was doing it.
Sammy LOVED the fake bank part of the museum he kept going back there and pretending to work on the computer.
We talked the kiddos into posing in the hilarious cut outs
After our hour and a half was up we walked down to Piazza de Popeolo, the home of the twin church's
Abby was so happy to run around and I just died at how cute the skinny jeans Grandma bought her were.
This girl LOVES the wide open spaces in all the Piazzas in Rome.
It is cute to watch she and Liam become such good friends. They CRACK each other up I love it!
We then asked a tourist person on a segway how far it was to the Spanish steps, she said a five minute walk so we thought we would do it. It was NOT a five minute walk and the steps were PACKED.
The steps were beautiful though and the Bernini fountain in the piazza was gorgeous
On the way back all the kids zonked and poor Chris and Grandma took turns carrying a limp Liam all the way back to the car.
But it was great to see it and well worth the sore muscles :)


Heidi said...

the children's museum in phoenix is like that. love it.

Patty Girl said...

That museum looks awesome! I love the open piazza of Rome. It has been fun to look at your trip and makes me super desperate to go back. It just reminds me how fabulous it is. I hope you are having a blast!