Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trevi fountian, the Pantheon, Neuvono and of course Gelato

We did a big 'ole tourist day on Tuesday. We got a super early start and headed first to the Pantheon.
It is funny because what I had seen so far of Italy was 100% not what I expected it to be, but today, well, most streets we walked down looked like this:
narrow, cobble stoned and gorgeous. EXACTLY what I thought Italy would look like. When we came to the Pantheon I was bummed that half of it was covered in scaffolding. When Sam saw it he promptly remarked "Look! They are almost done!" It made me laugh so hard. Thankfully it was not packed and the kids got to enjoy running around
Sam had Grandma hold him up to see all the fountains
He has LOVED being around Grandma and Grandpa and getting nice and spoiled ha!
Liam as always just does whatever he thinks is fun and wandered around jumping up and down the steps
Abby has gotten into a funny yelling stage where she sounds like she is barking out orders to everyone so she stood at the top of the stairs yelling randomly.
We had to get a few family shots, so here are the boys
and the whole fam
There was a really talented guitarist playing on the steps in front of the Pantheon. Grandma and Grandpa like to support musicians so they had Sam run over and give him some money. It was the cutest thing to watch. First he cautiosly walked up
then stood next tot eh guy for a second trying to figure out what to do, and the guitarist kept doing a nodding motion with his head trying to show him what to do with the money
Finally he figured it out and ran back so proud of himself
Abby particularly like the horses that were standing in front of the Pantheon. I think she thought their hats were cute
We then headed down to Piazza Navona. It is gorgeous but the boys had the most fun in one of the ridiculously expensive toy stores. They had really cool hand puppets that I would have totally bought the boys except the only one they wanted was Spiderman, not any of the cool Italian looking ones, Spiderman, so we walked out of the store empty handed. Then we walked over to Trevi fountian. It was CRAZY packed, to the point of making me nervous that we were going to loose a child. Abby was zonked in the stroller so we took the boys up to throw some money in the fountain. They thought that was fun but really loved getting a drink from the fountain that spits water right out onto the rock
Liam was a bit apprehensive and just wanted to watch Daddy take a drink.
On the way home we stopped and had yummy pizza and followed the guide book to supposedly the best Gelato in Rome.
It was amazing, so good in fact that when Chris and I do our night tour on Friday we will make a special trip just to go there :)


Daniela Swider said...

Lovely pictures - looks like you guys are having a blast, yey!