Monday, September 20, 2010

Raining in Rome-- but still gorgeous!

We have been keeping busy busy busy here. I thought I would give a super quick update about what we have been up to. I tried to do family pics this last Sunday

(Chris is not a fan of the skinny khakis I got him at Zara but I think they are so cute)
Liam was a DOLL and there are to many that I love:
Although this one is hilarious because it is totally his personality
Abby was so excited to be wandering around and taking it all in.
I really wanted a good one of her smiling so Daddy gave her some tickels
I love the look of anticipation on her face:
I have THE worst luck when it comes to our own family pictures. Nothing ever seems to go smoothly. As soon as we got in the car it started lashing rain. We drove all the way into downtown Rome and sat in the car saying we would give it ten minutes to stop. Thank heavens it lightened up enough to run out to the bridge. The boys LOVED playing with umbrellas
We were quiet the spectacle and had a bit of a crowd watching the boys spin around (and I was probably pretty entertaining trying to run around in my dress trying to get pictures of all of them)
This was the only family picture that really turned out okay. It was just to busy (totally thought the rain would drive people away) and the kiddos had been cooped up for too long in the car, but it looks cute


Leonora Ballantyne said...

i lOVE these. awesome. miss you so much.