Friday, December 28, 2007

Back to normal...again

Well we took Felicity off to the airport today. We took a little side trip to the University of Richmond Law school though so she could check it out. She is thinking about applying there along with a few other schools. It was so beautiful! I felt like I had been transported back to London. All of the buildings were gorgeous! The architects were brilliant though in that their new buildings are exactly the same style as the old. I always hate when you have a gorgeous old school and then there are a bunch of buildings built in the seventies when there was apparently function apparently killed form and architects literally could not think outside a box. Sam loved it because there was a big lake in the middle of campus with lots of "quack quacks-hi" as he says, with a little wave, when ever he sees ducks. Liam was a dream and slept the whole time. It was sad to say goodbye to Felicity. Particularly because now it means back to reality and at least eight loads of laundry. ughhhh. Sam was helpful though with his "sweeping Sam" (a broom that talks when you sweep and actually says 'I'm sweepin Sam!' which is awesome!) We got a huge Tupperware bin to pack up all the Christmas decorations. I always hated that song from forgotten carols: I cried the day I take the tree down, yet I find myself sympathetic. This was such a wonderful season this year and all this build up and now it is simply over. I find myself longing for the week before Christmas when everyone is in a good mood because a much needed break looms and anticipation hangs in the air. I suppose it gives me something to look forward to all year long.
Moving on-- Our friends Brett and Kendra were kind enough to watch Sam for us tonight so we could go see a movie for Christopher's birthday. We went to see Charlie Wilson's War, Liam was of course an angel and slept through the whole thing. I won't say much about it except that I saw Enchanted yesterday and very much prefer ed that. It was interesting and something I had no idea about but had way to much "bad stuff" to justify the rest of the story, which could have easily been told with out it. Well Christopher's birthday is tomorrow yippee! I can't believe how old we both are becoming... you would think having two little boys would really hit home the fact that I am now an adult but oddly enough ever year I am shocked by how old I am... I know lame, since I am only 26 it seems silly to complain about my age. I have given some serious thought to it lately though and have decided it is probably time I stop shopping at my beloved teenybopper stores like hollister and abercrombie. While I absolutely LOVE their clothes every time I go in there now I feel sort of silly, as if the workers are looking at me thinking "Aww that mom is in here shopping for her daughter-- what a cool mom" or worse "aww that mom is trying to compete with her daughter, how sad for her." Although I am not ready to resign myself to Christopher Bank just yet. There needs to be a store for the tweens of adult hood! On that note it is off to bed so I can get this aging bum out of bed to work it to death tomorrow at the gym!


cori page said...

Kelly--I am glad you started a blog!! I love seeing cute pics of your boys and hearing how you are doing!! Give Chris a Happy Birthday hug for me and have a great New Year!