Sunday, December 30, 2007

Primary here we come

Today was my first Sunday in my new calling as Primary Presidency secretary. It was an interesting one since 90% of the ward is out of town so we had about ten children all together. I already know I am going to love it though. I LOVE the primary songs and as a member of the presidency you are in there for both singing times! Woo hoo! It is rather tricky with the boys though. I was able to get Liam to sleep during Sacrament meeting so the plan was to drop Sam off at nursery and Chris would take Liam. Unfortunately there was only one other child in Nursery so it was impossible to sneak out. In the end Sam spent most of the last two hour block on my lap in Primary. He seemed to really enjoy it until we started watching a video on David and Goliath and all the kids got suckers but him... then he went and hung out with Dad. When we got home it was football time! Sam LOVES to yell at the TV with Chris! It kills me every time. He just sits there and shouts and throws up his touchdown arms we taught him every now and then. We got a video of it but I have yet to figure out how to post videos. We also figured out a mystery today. Sam has been getting cups of water drinking a little and then raspberrying them out. We couldn't figure where he got it from till this evening we were watching Elmo and he was trying to whistle. So he took a drink of water and tried to whistle but just raspberry's it. I cannot believe that he is big enough to watch something and mimic it days later with no prompting! Gesh I guess it is time to really pay attention to what we are watching! The boys are also taking baths together at night now which Sam LOVES. Liam seems to like it and rarely cries. He usually just tucks his legs up and eats my hand. Sam gets REALLY mad though when we go to take Liam out. He splashes and points to where he wants Liam to sit. I have a feeling they are going to get a long really well :)


Cherylyn said...

I love your blog! You are now on my link list too! Congrats on the primary job...although I feel for ya on dealing with two little ones while doing that job. Church becomes more like a workout than anything else sometimes! ;-)