Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas at the Crawfords

Yippie our first Christmas on our own! Well technically not on our own since my older sister Felicity came to visit! We had such a fun time. Now that Sam is at the age where he "gets it" to a certain extent Christmas has become a lot more fun. This Christmas Eve Chris and I got to actually have a parade of presents from our bedroom to under the tree! We had tons of present from all his Aunts and Uncles and lots of gifts from gift cards and presents from Grandparents! We had the Motab Christmas concert playing in the background as we arranged the presents and stuffed all the stockings. We watched A Christmas Story and had a disgusting amount of candy then hit the hay around 11. We were lucky that both boys slept in until seven on Christmas! Sam LOVED opening all his presents. The big hits this year were the ride on Zebra and his tickle me Elmo. Sam has become obsessed with Elmo! I personally loved the book he got from Christian and Kara called "You can do it Sam"! It reminded me of the Kissyfur book Chris had as a little boy. We had two huge meals for Christmas Breakfast and late lunch. Sam went from toy to toy and crashed for a three hour nap! Liam was adorable the whole day and has started really responding :) He loves to coo and talk and is so different from Sam. He loves floor time and unlike Sam does not want a human binky! Instead he likes to be bounced to sleep. Christopher and My arms and legs get great work outs. Over all it was a very nice and mello Christmas. I was worried that I would be very homesick but more and more I am realizing that where ever my boys are that is home. All I need to be happy is Chris and our two cuties! I am truely blessed!


Robyn Reynolds said...

This is way cute you guys. If you put a picture slideshow on here let me know what site you used because I am struggling with it.

Love you guys!


Kelly said...

Roby, You have to upload all your pictures to the web, I used the google Picasa, then you can select the Album from the scroll down option. It is kinda round about and a pain. I am trying to put a link to your blog so hopefully I figure that out :) Love you